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Live on the Leeds side of life!

Being a Leeds City College student for a full year has given me the whole slice of student vibes and ways. From finding the hottest chilling spots, and the lowest price for a lunch time bargain, I have it all!

With only having an hour lunch, (or the cheeky two) you have to use it wisely. We found that the restaurant ‘Yates’ is fantastic if your running low on the dollar! With just three pounds you can get a full-blown belly stuffing meal, and a coke! With only a minimum wage job, I can still manage a huge meal and spend the rest on some more junk food!

When Leeds decides to crack the flags, it does! So when the sun shines the people of Leeds come out in all their summer gear, and pitch up their bodies for a day in the sun! Despite being in college we still perch ourselves on a nice pitch of fresh smelling grass behind a church near ‘Merrion Centre’. Even though the grass is a small acre, the atmosphere is fantastic! Students play music, odd water fights and happy chilling.

Leeds also has the perfect place to empty your bank accounts, it has just about every designer and high street shop in ‘Victoria Quarter’! But just be prepared to not have any money left! Anyway, it has the  ‘Merrion Centre’ and ‘St John’s’ centre which are full of all typical shops, and the money-saving pound shops!

Leeds always gives you a successful day out, I go there 3 days a week for college and every time I go I come back with something. Being under age I don’t get the taste the nightlife but I get flyers all the time, which advertise cheap shots and entry! So LIVE ON THE LEEDS SIDE 😀

Written by daaaan17, Leeds City College