Leeds Metropolitan University Societies- Get involved now!

Fishing my way through the stampede of freshly new students, I was in a realm of inspiration, surrounded by excitable representatives, enthusiastically thriving upon the opportunity of conveying their passions successfully onto a willing student. The freshers fair is booming, and under the influence of the high energetic levels of the reps, theatrically jumping and sliding their way around the fresh faced public, I make my way towards the colourful stalls. Surrounded by the welcoming smiles offering an intake on a particularly fun year, suddenly it hits me; In the nearly three years in which I have spent attending Leeds Metropolitan University, I have not previously taken part in a society. Overwhelmed with an intense rush of disappointment and frustration in myself, I scan the table tops, and many faces in search of something that takes my fancy. Immediately something catches my eye, and as I approach the stall a friendly, and warm voice has me enticed to sign up, after five minutes conversation with the rep, I have already made a new friend, convincing me that I had made the right choice, and excited to find out more about a society I may further decide to join.

Seeing all the stalls, and so many nice people, ready and willing to bring out the best in each and every student, and make their year a little more perfect, I thought I would provide a short list, of a very wide and varied selection of societies and commities.

Ambustar (First Aid Skills)

Also in its third year at Leeds Met, this society is open to people from all medical levels, and is a fantastic way to gain the most basic, varying to a more deeper knowledge of First Aid to then apply to real life situations, such as football games, concerts, and much more. A brilliant fixture to add to your CV, Ambustar meets every Wednesday to learn fantastic First Aid skills, and even has the support of an external organisation, meaning this society receives five million pounds worth of insurance, lots of equipment, and even ambulances. If you are studying a medical career, or even just want to dip your toes into First Aid, this course can appeal to everyone. If this society appeals to you, email info@ambustar.co.uk to gain more information.

Audio Active (DJing) 

For you DJ’s, this is the one for you, be gone those days where your housemate/flatmate is incessantly banging on the walls begging you to turn it down. You can now mix with like-minded DJ enthusiasts who, just like you, enjoy mixing it up, and experimenting with the latest sounds, lighting, and props. Audio Active is passionate about DJ’s, and hopes to get enough DJ’s to create their own night. Not only will you playing host to your own house parties, but your audience will be extended to many friendly, people, who want nothing more but to enjoy your DJ sets. With open mic/open deck nights, and a monthly club promoting ALL DJ’s involved, dont be shy, and share your wonderful music with people who appreciate it. If this sounds like your cup of tea, email bensahutchings@gmail.com to be part of something exciting in the DJ world.

Climbing and Mountaineering club

For those students who like the outside, to challenge themselves, and reep rewards such as fulfilling that climb to one of the highest peaks, this club is for you. Climbing and Mountaineering club accepts people of all climbing levels, and provides a fun, friendly atmosphere to gain both social, and competitive climbing experiences. If you like more of a competitive climb, you have the option of training five times a week, and are offered to train with Bouldering, Sport climbing, and Trad. With many fantastic opportunities to travel, and gain climbing skills at many different sites; trips to the lakes, and foreign peaks in places such as Spain, and France, to ensure you gain a wider knowledge of different terrains, and also enjoy a fulfilling trip with friends who enjoy the same passions as yourself. If this sounds appealing, contact climbingclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.


This club satisfies the more flexible of students, with activities such as trampolining, Bars, Vault, Beam, Rings, Pommel, Asymetric bars to name but a few, this society has both Male and Female coaches, to teach you the most elegant, and fascinating moves in gymnastics, in a safe environment. Do not fear, even if you cannot fully complete a cartwheel, or forward roll, the Gymnastics club caters to every level of gymnast, and is a great chance for students to become more confident, thrive within the sport. If you are simply just inspired by the guilty pleasures of such television programmes set out to encourage more gymnasts, or it has simply been an interest of yours for a while, do not miss out on a chance to learn some hypnotising moves. If this inspires you, do not hesitate to contact; gymnasticsclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

This could be you...

Kayaking and Canoe

If extreme water sports is more your thing, Kayaking and Canoe club fits your needs. From activities in waters ranging from the highly exciting white water, to the calm, majestic lake waters and canals, this club offers many exciting possibilities, even the choice to take part in BUCS competitions, the BBQ, and Fancy dress on offer. Day trips away from Leeds ensure you are provided with a wide range of waters to train with, and also an opportunity to travel with people who share the same thrills. Coaching sessions are held in the campus pool, with people from all levels able to take part, why not pump some adrenaline in those veins of yours, and get some of the biggest thrills of your life. With all equipment provided for you, it is hard to say no! All you have to do is email; kayakclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Snow sports

Five years since Leeds Met Skiers and Snowboarders combined to make Snow sports, the club has already gained a strong image, and following, with more and more people joining every year. Filled with a team passionate about Snow Sports, you can imagine why this club is increasingly sociable, with trips to Castleford Xscape providing members with fixtures of their addiction. For all you students wanting a club that is fun, friendly, and loves getting wrapped up and active in the cold, you should definately give the Snow Sports club a go, you will not regret it!  Competing for many accolades, this club placed third in this years Womens big air Snowboarding, and missed out on the ski slalom finals by just miliseconds. This club welcomes people of all abilities, so you have no excuse not to get involved. For your chance to travel to Edinburgh for one of the most exciting competitions, and an annual trip to the beautiful French Alps, and meet some fun, and exciting people, just email; snowsportsclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Leeds Met Comedy Society

For all you comedians, why don’t you share your talents with people who appreciate a good laugh? Instead of just being the class joker, or the comedian of your friends, put your fantastic skills to work, you may be on to something! Leeds Met Comedy Society is for people who love to laugh, or make people laugh, so if you feel this society sounds like you, give a.wright3263@student.leedsmet.ac.uk an email, who knows who you will be making laugh next!

Photography Society

Students with the amazingly creative eye for photography will find this society to be of particular interest. No matter whether you prefer film, landscape, portrait, or live music, the Photography Society appreciates and values the intriguing art of photography, and encourages students with budding skills to unleash their inner artist, and open themselves up to a world of opportunity in developing their art. With many socials, outings, and workshops, this society will definitely inspire you. Email; emma.barrott@googlemail.com for the chance to dig beneath nature, and its sights, and capture something rather beautiful.

What will you capture?

Do no be alarmed if nothing on this list sparks your enthusiasm, there are many, many more societies and clubs at Leeds Metropolitan University to choose from, this is but the tip of the Ice Berg. Why not take a look over the long list of exciting activities you could be a part of, I can guarantee there will be more than one choice that matches for you. Do not be shy, this is the time you can do something exciting, something life changing, and be a part of something you have always dreamt; this can be more than just a dream, you just have to send an email, and you are half way there! Look at the List now, and behold!

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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