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Nights Out for the Laid Back: A weekly Newcastle guide

This article will be of interest to you if you find that, although you are in one of the biggest party cities in the country, and you are still trying to find out why people can go out without wearing coats in the middle of winter, bright lights give you a headache and you think ‘mushroom’ is a stupid name for a club. Do you find yourself not knowing where to go every day of the week?

But fear not! Newcastle has plenty to offer you, there are clubs with a more laid back atmosphere. The two universities in a small-ish town guarantee that there is a vibrant musician atmosphere, with plenty putting on open-mic nights and random gigs.

Monday: Ice Skating!

The Centre for Life in the middle of town opens an outdoor ice skating ring in the winter. For a nominal fee, you can make a fool out of yourself in front of the people you want to impress the most.

Tuesday: Open Mic Night at the Trent

Exactly what it says on the tin: the open mic night at the trent runs every Tuesday and is usually packed with professional and amateur musicians. It’s a lovely atmosphere, and if you had gone there before and been scared by all the creepy doll pictures, you don’t have to worry anymore: they have replaced it with art you can (and would like to!) buy. The Trent is right next to Newcastle uni, so you won’t even have to walk that far. Awesome.

Wednesday: Eat at Eye on the Tyne

What? You need to eat, right? Although Eye on the Tyne isn’t super cheap, if you have a taste for good food you can probably enjoy the rustic platters which have amazing ham and bread. You haven’t lived until you have tried their stuff olives. Don’t like olives? You will. 

Thursday: Jazz Cafe

Yeah, go to the jazz cafe. Jazz is still cool, right? Smack in the middle of town, the Jazz cafe is an affordable pub with different entry fees. Call ahead and ask if you remember. It’s a cozy, intimidate atmosphere, with loads of beautiful calligraphy everywhere and a man with a great big white beard. Don’t worry, I hear he is good at jazz.

Weekend: Before you go to your normal clubs or whatever it is you people do on the weekends, consider going ghost hunting. Newcastle is a really, really old city, full of tortuous history which, if there are ghosts, is very conductive to them. There are a couple of companies around the area that do ghost hunting tours, but the best thing to do is sleep over at a haunted place. One of them even lets you stay over at the Castle Keep, and that place is dark as anything. Enjoy getting your soul taken in your sleep for under £20 per person!


Moving on and moving out – Newcastle

Moving on and moving out

It felt like I was wiping away the memories from first year by taking down the hundreds of photos from my wall and attacking numerous blu tack stains with a vengance. It left a small plain room that would now house a new ‘fresher’ anxious and but willing for adventure.

Student halls can spring a prison like feeling to mind at first. With rows upon rows of duplicate rooms, all with just one solitary window looking out of onto an unpleasant view of your new found city. As much as this daunts your beginnings, halls soon become a secure place on unfamiliar ground. Whether you are in a flat or floor of people, they quickly turn into a second family, love them or hate them, you’re stuck. Luckily for most, share a strong bond and you put all your trust in them.

The better looking of student digs

Students quickly turn their new abodes into the familiar, whether that be photos of family and friends, posters or free memorabilia which quickly mounts up as the year passes. Plenty of the things your parents bought for you will find no use, underbed storage, door hooks, cleaning products will remain untouched for the majority of the year.

One rule I have found of student halls, there is one Irish person in each flat. Certainly in Newcastle this seems to be the case. They earn themselves a reputation as the craziest yet kindest people to meet at university. Some come with accents so thick you struggle to communicate at times. All in all his makes for St. Patricks day creating one of the best student nights of the year.

Top o' the morning to ya

The most typical sights you will stumble across in student halls are notorious across the country. A handful or more of people sneaking out in the early hours about to embark on the ‘walk of shame’. Trolleys lining the streets outside left by students scrimping on taxi fares back from the supermarket. Often one person in reception having to fork out the extortionate price for losing their keys. An array of pyjamas and dressing gowns when the fire alarm goes off at four in the afternoon as most students are only just waking up. Finally, the unfortunate student who leaves their door unlocked for the weekend and returns to find their entire belongings cling filmed, outside or upside down.

Read all about it

All the above combinations made it hard to say goodbye to the halls you called home. Moving out into houses or flats where learning you have to pay for water and electricity opens a whole new side to your new found independence. Excited to no longer be branded a fresher but wishing you could turn back the clock and do it all again.

Written by Helen Flannery, Northumbria Uni