Events not to miss for Leeds Met Freshers

Trailing through my stash of Joy Division music like it was the air I needed to breathe, I was once again struggling to get to sleep. Its hard to tell whether it is the music from four houses down pulsating through the walls, or if my brain is just not ready to turn off yet. Stammering around my Itunes library in the search of some beautifully dark song willing to mellow my overactive brain, I realised something, over these past few months of freedom from University studies, and deadlines, the majority of my social life was left suffocating in the darkness of early mornings and early nights. The constant waves of visitations and nights out of friends became withered and weak due to the absence of the majority of such friends at the start of the summer. Many of my university friends and neighbours choose to return home for summer in order to receive a mental balance for all those times their bank balances have not allowed them to go out, or the countless days of having to make the effort of cooking their own tea, and failing to reach the quality of their parents, in a nutshell, they retreated into their dependant bubbles of familial support and returned to being molly cuddled by their parents, oh hell I am just bitter I didn’t tag on to the benefits of surrendering my adult independance in return for healthy home cooked meals and free rent for the summer.

My point is, that the handful of us that are left in Leeds over the summer, have found work, and become slaves to their independance, we have gone the binary opposite way to our friends, and have had a taster of  the poison of ‘life’. Such commitments have made us unable to enjoy the true necessities of University life, the life with particular reference being the nightlife, even if you could make it out, the groups of friends you would enjoy certain clubs with were absent. Even upon the opportunity of making new friends, due to the fact that most students had left the city for summer, many of the student deals you would normally take advantage of were tucked away under the club owners wallet, gathering dust until the flocks of students march back.

Our reliable frenemies

This is where Freshers week comes in. A fantastic injection of excitement back into our half deprived social lives, and for the Freshers, just a taster of what the majority of their first year will be like. On this same night of my frustrating lack of sleepiness, I played on my laptop until the early hours,  and stumbled across an exciting sight. The list of all the mischievous student events in Freshers fortnight encouraged my eyes to stay awake for even longer, but I was thankful to see the return of the student friendly deals, and delighted in the fact of welcoming so many students back into Leeds. Here are some of the events I sighed away tears of relief to;

Freshers Neon Foam Party

Who would be better to welcome you into Freshers week than the perfectly tasty Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates, with the latest tunes easing you in to a fun filled night of Neon colours, and a blanket of Foam to play in, this sounds like a mouthwatering combination of popular club night activities rolled into one to bring you a night not to miss out on. With giveaways, and circus performers that will have you on tenterhooks, on  Monday 19th September the stage of the City Campus at Leeds Metropolitan University will be heaving with excitable newbies wanting in on the action, and oldies needing a fix of the youthful entertainment.

Freshers Ball

With previous years of the Freshers ball theme including being based upon Charlie and the chocolate factory, this years theme will ooze enthusiastic wows of the crowd, not only the dazzling effects of circus props and acts, but spectacular DJs and acts such as Nick Grimshaw, Aggro Santos, Belle Amie and Beat A Maxx will be the theme tune for one of the most historically binding nights of Leeds Met Freshers fortnight, with party games to get the crowd going, and even more give aways, Leeds Met are really pulling out all the tricks from their hat this year to ensure that their students fully realise exactly why they chose Leeds Metropolitan University. Taking place on 24th September, what better way to celebrate the best day of the week, Saturday, than to head over to the the Stage and Met bar to see Trapeze acts, stilt walkers and angle grinding dancers to name but a few.

Hey Scenesters!

Sharing the same name as the popular Cribs song, which of whom come from nearby Wakefield, it is no wonder Leeds wants to show off their roots with the maternal pride of a supportive mother, as this is how they treat each and every one of its students. Another event to prove such appreciation to us students is the Hey Scenesters! night at The Met Bar on Monday 26th September. Echoing the recurring theme of my articles, Leeds has a deep and pure love for new up and coming bands, and Hey Scenesters! is a chance for students to get to know the latest new bands in which Leeds Met has hand picked for the sole purpose of getting those excitable ears buzzing, with the now massively popular Two Door Cinema club having played for a previous year at this annual event it just exemplifies what good taste Leeds Met has, so do not miss out on your chance to catch the next big acts live, because the next time you want to see them they may be headlining at the festivals at triple the price! This year it is Cloud Boat, Born Blonde, and Hey Sholay’s turn to imress you, with a special headliner to be confirmed!

Headphone Disco

The following night at The Stage is a chance to catch Leeds Met’s playful side, the theme of Headphone discos has become a popular trend at events all over, such as T in the Park etc. This is also a chance to go out on a club night with people whom you may not share the same music taste with, but still dance along like you do. You have the opportunity to flick through whichever songs suit you, and dance along without a care in the world to what the person next to you thinks of the song. Two seperate Dj’s, two seperate FM channels, and spectacular visual effects to match, this calls for an interesting night. It may sound geeky, but do not miss out on your chance to experience the ultimate alternative night out.

All events have seperate entrance fees, however with a purchase of the Freshers wristband, you get free entrance to most of these events without any bother of fiddling around for cash that is hidden at the bottom of your pocket. Purchase your Freshers wristband here and get the ultimate Freshers Fortnight treatment. Or alternatively, tickets for the seperate events are available here.

Oh, and for all fellow music enthusiasts, if you are wondering out of intrigue which Joy Division song I decided on to get me to sleep, Shadowplay it had to be. Its fair to say that I had a very good nights sleep after all that excitement and the lullabies of Ian Curtis and the growls of the guitars just topped it off with a cherry.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University


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