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Beach Break Live 2012

So it’s nearly that time of year again, festival season. Well… maybe not quite but line-ups are being released and in this cold weather what better way to look forward to the summer than by looking at festivals. Beach Break Live is the UK’s Student Festival held in Pembrey Country Park, South Wales between 14th and 18th June 2012. More details can be found on the website  but here is an overview of Beach Break Live 2012…


First off, the main reason people go to a festival, the music. 2012’s headline acts are Chase and Status, Dizzee Rascal and Friendly Fires. Other artists include Nero, Maverick Sabre, Labrinth, Ben Howard, Wretch32, Delilah and Ghost Poet to name but a few. Having seen Dizzee Rascal at a festival in the past, I can safely say that he will not disappoint and is brilliant live. With their growing success in 2011 and 2012 the other artists will provide a varied and entertaining line-up.


Beach Break Live is, as indicated in the name, set on an 8 mile stretch of beautiful sandy beaches ready to party on and situated just in front of 500 acres of woodland behind the dunes. In 2012 Lonely Planet has voted the region where Pembrey Country Park is set as ‘Best Region in the World’. In terms of getting there Beach Break have made it very easy, they provide national express coaches from many universities which you can book when you book your ticket. Alternatively there is also a shuttle bus which operates from the nearest train station to the festival so if you prefer you can just get the train there.


Like most other festivals Beach Break offers lots of alternative activities other than just music. There is a Roller Disco, Zumba classes, learn to beatbox, Burlesque dancing and workshops, extreme games and even inter-mural university extreme sports. From March you can sign up teams to play football, beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, touch rugby and beach cricket if you can muster the energy!

So, what better way to begin the summer than chilling out on a beach, listening to some big acts, whilst having fun with thousands of other students. Beach Break only costs £109 plus booking fee for the whole weekend and camping, great value for a festival. Most universities also have reps who can offer ‘mates rates’. At the University of Exeter RAG are selling tickets for a lower price directly. Even if festivals aren’t really your thing Beach Break has lots of other things to offer, including a hot tub which overlooks the incredible coastal views. What more of an incentive could you really want…


Manchester’s infamous Warehouse Project


Warehouse Project (or WHP as it is affectionately known), is an renowned Manchester hotspot, hosting gigs from some of the biggest dubstep, grime and electro artists, like Skrillex, Jamie XX and Aphex twin. Ever since my first year of uni, it was the place to go. So by the time it got to my third (and final) year, I had to give it a go.

The first (and very important) rule of WHP is to get your tickets early. Most of the big nights will sell out fast, so you need to get on it. After this point, there’s always going to be tickets floating about – as long as you’re willing to pay extortionate prices buying from cash-strapped students. Most WHP tickets are around twenty quid, and let me tell you, it is more than worth it.

At the time of my arrival, WHP was located, quite literally, in a Warehouse on Store Street. Who’d have thought? Raving below the streets of Manchester is rather different to any other clubbing experience. The venue is pretty massive, and very raw. If you’re all about the leather upholstery and swanky VIP booths, this is definitely not the place for you.

The same goes for the people inside. This is no 5-inch heel wearing, booty-shaking crowd. It’s more along the lines of sweaty, shirtless guys and girls, quite literally letting their hair down.  Unlike many of Manchester’s clubs, WHP has no time for pouting and posing. It is, quite simply, a place to let go. An atmosphere of euphoria buzzes through the air, with a bassline that is deafening in the best possible way.

This is a BIG night, and as awesome as it is, chances are it’s going to knock you out for a couple of days. Not a good choice for the night before a lecture/any event requiring any level of brain function.

After my first visit to WHP, I was hooked, and have now raved to the like the likes of Knife Party, Subfocus, True Tiger and Benga. However, last year, organizers announced that WHP would be changing locations, causing a flurry of panic that our beloved Warehouse would shuffle of to London. But despite our fears, WHP is staying in Manchester, in a currently undisclosed location. It is set to return in September of this year, although a special one-off Easter night will unveil the new location.

If you’re prepared to let down those civilized, sane-person barriers, get a bit sweaty, dance like a crazy and maybe snog a randomer, then Warehouse Project is the definitely the one for you.

Easter Sunday tickets here –

Written by Sarah Davis, Manchester Uni

Exeter Safer Sex Ball

The time of year has come again, the leaves are falling from the trees, permanent drizzle surrounds us and SSB fever has once again hit Exeter. So, the Safer Sex Ball is probably Exeter University’s biggest legend. In case you don’t know what it is or what all the fuss is about here are the basics:

–          8th December 2011

–          4,000 students ALL dressed in as little as possible (and I mean AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE)

–          One HUGE venue- Westpoint Arena

–          Performances from some big names (still to be announced) and the University’s Dance and Pole Dancing societies.

In my first year by the end of Freshers’ week we all knew what the SSB was and were determined to go. The queuing began OUTSIDE in freezing cold November at 2am, and we only just got tickets, people arriving at 2.30am missed out (after queuing for 7 hours)! That is how popular the Safer Sex Ball is, luckily they changed the system and as of last year you now purchase tickets online through the university website. The ball might be a little pricy (£40 a ticket this year with £1.50 booking fee) but from my experiences of the last two years it is definitely worth the money. In Exeter there aren’t many opportunities to go to balls, and especially not in your underwear so even if you go just for this reason, it will be worth it.

The SSB has been voted in FHM’s Top 100 things to do before you die.  I can assure you there is no other student event like it. Although it is a brilliant time to meet members of the opposite sex (if you know what I mean), there is also a really great cause behind it. Not only does the SSB raise awareness of HIV but proceeds go to the Eddystone Trust, a Devon-based HIV charity. You will be involved in an event which helps to raise £40,000 for charity, an incredible amount! Proceeds from the Safer Sex Ball will also go to Headway Devon, Refuge, Clic Sargent and World Child Cancer.

So the finer details… Tickets go on sale Thursday 10th November at 9am. Although if you miss out ask around as quite often people have tickets to sell nearer the time if they can’t go. The theme this year is Fantasia, the world of magic, myth and fairytale. Think Midsummer Night’s Dream, Little Red Riding Hood, or even the Three Little Pigs if you’re so inclined!

More up to date details about the event and the link to the ticket selling site can be found on the Facebook group here:

Three Alternative nights out in Exeter

If you’ve ever been to Exeter University or heard much about it then you’ll know Exeter is not the most alternative city in the country… at all. However, if you’re getting bored of the standard cheesy Arena Tuesdays then here are some different options.

Cavern, located on Queen Street holds a popular Indie Club night on a Saturday night which is great if standard club music isn’t your favourite genre! They also have gigs there and various other events which you can check out on their website here:

Mama Stones, set up by Joss Stone’s mum, (interesting fact of the day) offers a multitude of live music events. Thursday or “Turn it up Thursdays” is a particularly good night. They also have 2-4-1 cocktails which are always helpful when you’re on a tight student budget. It is a more chilled evening out if you don’t fancy a club and would prefer an interesting mix of music.

Itchy Feet events are held at universities throughout the country and the next one to hit Exeter is on Sunday 30th October. It’s a great excuse to put on your dancing shoes and get down with some classic Swing, Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues and Rock n Roll- basically some great old tunes. This time Itchy Feet will be held in Arena and kicks off at 9pm. Details can be found on the Facebook event:

A day in the life of a Manchester fresher

Ask any student what their opinion of Freshers’ week is and you’ll get a whole range of adjectives. Crazy. Hectic. Surreal. Amazing. I can vouch for Manchester, and after recently bracing the madness of Freshers’ for the third time in a row, I can wholeheartedly tell you that it’s incredible. But as great as it is, it’s often overwhelming. So I thought I’d break it down a bit, and give you a taste of a day in the life of a fresher. And not just any fresher – A Manchester fresher (the best kind, if you ask me!).

9am – Okay, you might naturally be an ‘early riser’ (chances are, you aren’t), but you’re not going to be up at this time. Stay in bed and sleep off the hangover.

11.30am – The less hungover/zombiefied of us may roll out of bed and commit to a hearty breakfast of last night’s pizza.

12pm – Where did the morning go? Spend a while marveling at the mess of your flat’s communal areas. Kick out last night’s remaining hangers-on that are passed out on the sofa. Attempt to pick up the dozens of bottles decorating the kitchen floor. Admit defeat.

1pm – Round together flatmates and vow to do something productive. Attempt to cook an actual meal, resulting in a screeching fire alarm and your entire block being evacuated (yes, this was me.)

2pm – Look at tonight’s activities and realize there are numerous fancy dress items required. Trundle into town and fight off other fellow freshers in Primark to ensure your quality items are secured.

3pm – Come home with bags of garlands, geek glasses and a Spice Girls outfit that you’ll later come to regret.

4pm – Head to Sainsbury’s for an alcohol run. Remember, in freshers’ week (and probably for the duration of your university career), going to supermarkets in slippers and/or pyjamas is entirely acceptable. Grab what’s left of the Sainsbury’s basics and head home, clinking.

The dreaded dirty pint

5pm – Time to freshen up! Quick shower before generally monging around for a bit.

6pm – It’s not too early to start drinking is it?

7pm – put on hilarious fancy dress outfit. Laugh at fellow freshers with even more hilarious outfits.

9pm – The serious drinking begins. If you didn’t know the rules to Ring of Fire, then now is the time to learn. Start to feel a bit on the tipsy side, but told you’ll be fine. Next drink is poured.

10pm – Get landed with the dirty pint. Enjoy a delicate mix of wine, lager and assorted spirits. Make a run for the bathroom.

11.30pm – Prepare to make a move. This is around the time when singing, chanting and general banter commences. Crack out your best anthems.

11.45pm – Get on a notorious Magic bus. Be sure to go to the top deck. Shouting, laughter and general bus rowdiness prevails. Manage to fit twenty people onto the back seat of the bus to the delight of fellow students.

12am – Arrive at club. Get a warning from the bouncer who eventually lets you in. What a babe.

1am – Head to the bar for your third (?) vodka coke. The dancefloor looks more appealing than ever!

2am – Throw some shapes and kiss someone. Almost immediately forget their name and pray you’ll never see them again.

3am – Stumble onto a bus with your new best friend/soulmate/confidante. Meet Crazy Bus Lady for the first time.

3.30am– Takeaway time! Back to the flat, stuff down chicken wings and a few chips, and drop the rest in your bed.

4am – The only thing left to do is pass out, surrounded by bottles, chips and other freshers. Good food, good wine (well, perhaps not the best…) and great friends. What more could you want?

And repeat…

Written by Sarah, Manchester Uni

Exeter Freshers’ Week

Night’s out:

EXPECT TO QUEUE. The queues in Exeter during Freshers’ Week are ridiculous, expect to turn up to a club at 8 and still be queuing for an hour… BUT on the positive side queues are a good way to meet fellow fresher’s and bond with flatmates.

Arena: Although it’s open every night of Freshers’ week, the best nights at Arena will probably be Monday Madness (with School Disco fancy dress), Cheesy Tuesday (great night all year long) and Thursday when there is a Fuzzy Logic Fresher’s Party – with DJ Mark Allan.

Timepiece: Wednesday at Timepiece is sports night so all the big sports clubs will be there having heavy nights with all their new members . Friday is also a good night at Timepiece, a bit more chilled out but still tonnes of students and the dance floors are open upstairs.

Mosaic: Monday Nights at Mosaic are popular throughout the year with Fresher’s and it’s likely to be one of the biggest nights of Freshers’ week.

Saturday Lemmy: The Lemon Grove is the club on campus which has just been refurbished over the summer. On the Saturday at the end of Freshers’ Week a big night is held there which can get very busy and is a great night out, always made better by the fact it’s only a short stumble home if you’re living on campus.

Sports Clubs: Taster Sessions are held every day of Freshers’ week, they tend to be free (unless you have to travel somewhere) and are a good way to meet people and make new friends. Try a new sport before having to sign up properly at the Freshers’ Fair or just go along for a bit of fun. If you don’t want to join one of the main sports clubs eg. Football, Netball, Hockey etc. there are lots of more unusual alternatives. The Student’s Guild website has a full list of societies

Societies: Other societies hold taster sessions, picnics, barbeques and other activities quite often involving free food.  There are dozens of societies which are subject/ faith/ interest related and definitely something for everyone. If you don’t manage to attend any taster sessions it’s not the end of the world, you can still sign up at Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Ball: On 12/10/2011 The Freshers’ Ball is once again being held in the Great Hall, HURRAH, now that building works are approaching completion upon campus. Most Freshers tend to go; they haven’t announced the line up yet but should do in the next week. Tickets are £30.

Freshers’ Week in Bristol

The beginning of university is an exciting time: no work to do, lots of parties and plenty of new people to meet. But with so much going on, how are we supposed to work out what’s worth going to, and what isn’t? The Bristolian branch of the Student Channel has sifted through all the listings – both university-organised and otherwise – to bring you the very best that your Freshers’ Week has to offer.

University of Bristol

According to the University of Bristol Facebook page, the two biggest and most popular freshers’ events are the Freshers’ Party (4 October) and the Freshers’ Ball (13 October). They are £7 and £22 respectively, but you can buy tickets for both for the discounted price of £26. The ball is at Motion, one of Bristol’s biggest, coolest and most popular nightclubs, so expect it to sell out! But these are just the tip of the iceberg: more information on freshers’ events organised by the students union can be found here, and each individual residence also organises its own parties.


Motion, Bristol


The biggest event of UWE’s freshers’ week calendar is the Allstars Party, taking place on the Frenchay campus on Saturday 24th September. The line up is impressive: Chase and Status, the View and Kissy Sell Out are headlining. Tickets are £30 a pop, but if that seems a little on the expensive side there’s plenty more going on at a fraction of the price, including comedy nights and mock-full moon beach parties. Click here for full listings.


Bristol events

Freshers’ week may be organised by your union, but that doesn’t mean you’re confined to the official events! Local clubs are putting on a huge variety of freshers’ themed events; read on for a selection of the very best Bristol has to offer.


The Thekla

With term starting again the Thekla is reviving its well-established and hugely popular student night Zoology: the official club night of UWE’s Hub Radio. The connection doesn’t make it exclusive to UWE students, though – University of Bristol freshers are just as welcome. Every Monday you can expect to hear indie, pop and hip hop, plus the Hub Radio DJs themselves on the top deck (the Thekla is a boat, doncha know). Get down before 10 to escape the door charge. Facebook group

That’s not all – the Thekla is also debuting its newest student night Wobble, which will be bringing you the best in dubstep, drum and bass and “generally wobbly beats” every Tuesday night. Facebook group


For more information on freshers’ week at the Thelka, click here



Between 23rd and 25th SeptemberBristol’s newest and most up-and-coming festival, ‘BrisFest’, will be transforming the centre with a mixture of music, comedy, street theatre, circus and art. Tickets are a bargain: entry to the festival starts at £8 and the boat parties is as little as £6, so if you’re new to the city there’s no excuse not to get down there and experience some local culture! You can read the Student Channel’s preview of the festival here for more information.

 Propaganda @ Syndicate

You’ve probably heard of Propaganda before – massively popular in almost every student city, it’s the UK’s number one Indie night. Already a fan? Well “Props” was born in Bristol, and it’s easily the city’s biggest club night. You’d be a fool to miss the first one of term, on Wednesday 21st September. Get there early to avoid missing out. Facebook group

 Smash the Lanes @ The Lanes


Intriguingly described as “cheap drinks, good music and cheap bowling for all”, Smash the Lanes is possibly the first ever student night to feature a bowling alley. Entry is free and drinks deals abound, so if a blend of funk, hip hop, dubstep, drum and bass, house and disco sounds appealing this might just be for you.


Written by Lucy, Bristol