When Leeds Met the Olympic torch

For most of us students all around the country, the only exercise we complete is the gloomy panic filled run to the lecture in which you are already ten minutes late for, because you could not force yourself out of your nice warm bed into the cold depths of reality. If you are in this majority, fear not, all this will change on Wednesday the 26th of October, a thrilling opportunity is injecting some active energy into the lives of all us Leeds Metropolitan students.

Thanks to Coca Cola, Leeds Metropolitan students get the chance to hold the Olympic torch, and have their picture taken with this important memorabilia, and symbol of ancient Olympics. The importance of the Olympic torch is valued greatly as a commemoration of the theft of fire from the Greek God Zeus by Prometheus, and the importance of the fire continually burning throughout the Olympic games.  Many important people have had the honour of carrying such a valuable symbol of the Olympics, why not  take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and get a photograph you can hold onto for many years, to show your grandchildren that you, yes you held and cradled that world famous object of such value.

you can be part of this

To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, Leeds Metropolitan is given this honored visitation of the Olympic torch, and from 12-6pm the chance to get up close and personal to this much sought after torch is open to us lucky Leeds Metropolitan University. So get yourselves doing that obligatory run, but get running to Headingley, and feel what it is like to be an Olympic Athlete, if not for the first, and only time in your life, or for all you sport buffs out there, this will be a great way to rehearse for your future in sports.

If, for some reason, you think that was not enough t get you out of your warm bed, we are handing out free sugar filled coca cola samples to get your energy up and ready for your daily stresses to be swept away in just one gulp of the hyper rush of sugar. Such Coca Cola beverages will also encourage your sporty side, and, with the aid of many fun stalls, games and activities to get involved with, it will be hard not to catch the Olympic fever.

I highly encourage all Leeds Metropolitan students to take advantage of this opportunity, even if you are not interested in sport, this is a truly fantastic opportunity to be part of something big, do not miss out, and you will not feel the rush of regret and dissapointment when you see the same torch in which could have been placed in your very arms, on the television, being cheered at by hundreds and thousands of people all around the world. You could be watching that screen thinking ‘I have held that’, do not rob yourself of this feeling, and get to Leeds Metropolitan University Headingley Campus, outside of the James Grahame Building.

For a taster, watch this, and appreciate how important this torch really is.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University. 


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