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HOLY GUACAMOLE! – Cielo Blanco

Cielo Blanco – Trinity Leeds

Hey guys, I just thought I’d give myself a brief introduction before I jump on in and start rambling! My name is Natalie, but I also go by Lea, it depends on where I’m geographically located as to what people call me. I’m 21 and a graduate of Leeds Uni. I studied Law as an under grad, but am now doing my LPC (lawyer training) and also my business MA, at BPP in Leeds. You’ll normally find me eating (I’m a hopeless cook, but I love to try new food), listening to some form of soul/funk/jazz, travelling, or doing something/anything to do with cars. I live with my flatmate and a small herd of rabbits just outside of Leeds City Centre, but I’m also found knocking about in Manchester, Preston and York from time to time. I write about anything and everything, so check in from time to time and see what I’m ranting on about? It’s nice to meet you, so drop me a comment and say hi? 🙂


It’s not often that I have a craving for Mexican food, but since some seriously good tacos in Vegas earlier this summer, I’ve definitely been swayed towards the stuff. I managed to contract man flu from said man in my life last week, but on Sunday I felt human enough to paint my face, curl my hair and head out for some food. We initially wanted to try out Trinity Kitchen, but for some unknown reason, they shut at 5pm on Sundays (apparently this might change soon though). Having given up on vietnamese food we took a wander over to the main part of trinity, and into Cielo Blanco, which is tucked into the corner, to the right hand side of Giraffe.


20131020_191020It’s hands down one of the prettiest places to eat in Leeds, but if you’re outside, try to grab one of the big tables with the patio heaters, it’ll pay off as it gets later.



We settled on the Mexican Street Food, chose 6 between us, and then grabbed something minty and sweet to drink while we were waiting for the food to arrive. Mine was the non-alcoholic mojito, purely down to the antibiotics, but it was pretty damn good all the same.

Untitled3The food arrived really quickly, and it smelt amazing. Taking photos involved some serious self restraint!

20131020_180417 20131020_180432 20131020_180427 20131020_180423

We had homemade Guacamole and Sour Cream, Mexico City Pulled Pork and Grilled Pineapple tacos, Chicken Tinga and Smoked Tomato Salsa Quesadillas, Spicy Tiger Prawns with Chipotle and Lime Sour Cream, Shredded Chicken Empanadas, and Smoked Chorizo Sausages in a Ranchero Salsa.

The Empanadas were seriously good, as was the guacamole. Everything on the table was sweet and spicy, all with the creaminess of the sour cream thrown in. But that wasn’t the best part…

20131020_185857Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious sweet tooth, and Churro’s have to be one of my favourite desserts. They were perfectly crispy on the outside, with a soft and fluffy inside, dipped in sugar and served with warm chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream. The only other place I’ve come across Churro’s in Leeds has to be in Chiquito, but these beat them hands down. It’s worth dropping in if only for coffee and dessert.

We had a fantastic night at Cielo Blanco, the atmosphere was brilliant, the food was incredible and the service was fast and friendly. It’s definitely possible to have a main (or several like we did), a drink, and dessert for under £20, which ain’t so bad if you ask me. Their sister company, Neon Cactus, on Call Lane is pretty good too, but you’ll pay crazy prices for their cocktails and they don’t serve Churro’s.

I’ll definitely be going back for more, but next time, there will be tequila…

Written by Natalie Upchurch.


Easter Sunday @ Canal Mills

With so many options of what to do on Easter bank holiday Sunday where to go can be a difficult decision – but this year there’s one event in particular that stood out far above the rest! 14 hours of music throughout 2 indoor stages and 1 outdoor arena at one of Leeds most unique and artistic venues – Canals Mills.

With legendary acts such as Maya Jane Coles, John Talabot and Joy Orbison gracing the decks your guaranteed to spend your time in a blissful, bank holiday haze jamming to the best house, electronic and garage music. Teaming up with Wax:On and Mono:Cult, responsible for some of the most hyped about events of the underground house scene, this is guaranteed to deliver the best music and atmosphere alike.

“We can promise that we’ll be pulling out all the stops to make this a staple event in the Canal Mills calendar, and you can say you were there for the first one!”

For full line-up and ticket information visit the Facebook event page here.

Teknicolor @ Mint Club

With the legendary house/techno night nearing it’s 3rd birthday, the much anticipated announcement of this semesters Teknicolor line-up has delivered an exciting eclectic mix of highly talented DJs. Returning acts such as Heidi and Darius Syrossian are due grace the Mint decks and blast some beats through the epic Funktion One soundsystem; along with many ‘Tek virgins’ including Flashmob, Ben Pearce and Catz n Dogz. Spanning term time every Thursday from January to April full listings are available below.


Being host to this popular underground house event is the Mint Club. With it’s impressive cutting-edge lighting system, known as the ‘disco panel’, lighting up the roof above a sea of fist pumping ravers the atmosphere is never far from electric.

‘The Teknicolor team remains committed to providing a fun and unique party environment for its colourful Thursday crowd with its most ambitious line-ups to date. Firmly in tune with the most influential labels, the hottest artists from taste-makers like Circoloco, Ostgut Ton, Noir, Culprit, Leftroom, Hot Creations and Futureboogie will bring their sounds to one of the UK’s most pioneering weekly events’. 


With many previous events selling out the intimate 550 capacity venue be sure to book your tickets ahead of the event to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be purchased here from £6 + BF.

Leeds Fest 2012 Anyone?

So it’s that time of year again, where every breath I take is a gasp of anticipation at the question of whether or not I can afford to be part of the underlying culture in which binds all students, and music enthusiasts in Leeds into a compound of ecstatic zombies hungry for body tingling beats. You can almost hear the subject vibrating in your ears, echoing through the library corridoors, and student residences, smell the moisture of mud in the air, living in fear at the thought of millions of wellies and bare bodies sliding through pools of its produce to the hypnotising sounds simmering in the humid stench of sweat and alcohol. Many a student spends their nights tossing and turning, trying to persuade the fear of not being able to afford a ticket to this event to return to the back of their minds, shivering in worry, and the subject of this highly contemplated fire of ear kissing sparks threatening to distract one from their studies.

The event to which I am referring to is of course none other than Leeds Festival, of which is returning for another year of eclectic fascination and one hell of a big hat full of tricks prepared to blow the socks well and truly off it’s willing followers.


Each year this festival offers headliners that fulfil’s the impossible, and out does the previous years selection of amazing talents. When I first stumbled across the poster for 2012’s offering, I almost frothed at the mouth in eagerness, who could ask for more than a weekend spent in the same company as The Foo Fighters, Katy B, Metronomy, The Cure, Paramore, Kasabian, and many more? I know I couldn’t.

Seven stages providing the satisfaction of your musical thirst once, twice, three, ten times over, and one massive reason to let all of your beautiful hair down and let the cold shivers of fascination rush all over your body. This event is not exclusive to Leeds lovers, the people at Leeds Fest welcomes everyone with open arms, in the mutual appreciation of great music.

Aswel as pulse raising music, Leeds festival also offers football tournaments, a cinema tent, bars, late night entertainment, food stalls, a pharmacy, toilets and showers, and many more facilities, even a Pink Moon camping package- for all those Glampers out there!

If you thought Leeds Festival 2011 couldn’t be beaten, you really need to check it out this year, it is going to be massive. Best start saving for this ticket then…

Tickets are available now from;

Selected HMV stores.

Online on; SeeTickets, Gigantic, LMDC, National Express, NME.com, HMVtickets.com,  Stargreen, Ticket Factory, Ticketline, Ticketmaster, Tickets Scotland.

And in person in selected music stores in primarily Sheffield and Leeds.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

International Women’s Day

Strolling in to University today, innocently and determined to retrieve some library books in which I have had on hold for at least two weeks, my march beginning to create an outspoken thud among the hustle and bussle of the students in the hallway, and I almost walk straight past something that catches my eye.

Now I was aware that it was International  Women’s Day today, however, due to another important dwelling in my mind I cast it backwards into the unimportant, but Univeristy brought to life the important image it beholds. Not that long ago did women named Suffragettes fight, risk their lives, and some unlucky ones actually lose their lives, in the war against a patriarchal society which wavered that women were unable to vote. In a world where women can now vote, gain successful jobs, and furthermore remain almost equal to the male species, it is easy to forget, or even take advantage of what these inspirational women fought so hard for the future generation of females. Its in the name; they Suffered for our rights.


The wall was filled with placards containing cases of many different inspirational women that have inspired and upheld  the fight for women’s rights, from Rosa Parks; A woman who, when Black communities were to remain separate from White communities, refused to stand up for a white passenger on a bus in Alabama in 1955. Parks is known as the ‘mother of the freedom movement’ and a highly valued member of the Civil Rights Movement, kept in great company with people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Like the Suffragettes Parks refused to conform to her inferior stereotypical role, and stood up for the minority in a brave act of heroism in the defense of the Black community.

 Joining such women on the wall are some more recent names, for example Lady Gaga for her individuality, and the belief that people should just accept her as she is, an ever morphing female who is empowered by her sexuality. Ellen Degeneres, who is not only proud of her being lesbian, but  she also became the first comedienne to be invited for a chat after her performance on the Tonight Show with Jonny Carson. 

The main point of this article is to remind everyone, that University not only accepts ALL holidays and causes, but celebrates them too. This wall I have described to you has also provided its students with information on Black History month, LBGT, and many more. Even if these holidays are not celebrated by yourself, it is a great way to celebrate it for people who do, and a fantastic way to relish in all our amazing differences. For example, I am straight, however looking at the posters containing information and facts about LBGT enabled me to gain more of an understanding of people who do struggle with such problems of sexuality and gender. I could not be any more proud of being part of a University that does this for its students.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.