An Alternative night in Leeds Part 2

As promised, this is the second half of a list I prepared, for some intriguingly different nights out in Leeds, not to be overlooked in the sea of enthusiastic promises of thrilling music, student deals, and a truly unforgettable experience.

OK Karaoke

As you walk in to this venue, your breath is quickly taken by the sheer modern beauty of the environment. OK Karaoke is so up to trend that you will be ashamed of showing off the latest Blackberry in which you have just wasted all your money on. Take in the sights around you, and get used to the fantastic atmosphere, the staff are ready to serve you and you could not feel more at home, and more like a star in this bar brought to you primarily for the purpose of a true Karaoke night out. In this venue you get the true Rock star experience, fulfilled with VIP treatment and surroundings. This place is a definate must for any group of friends, from work mates needing to let their hair down, friends needing a good catch up, and even a family night out where you can compete with your siblings and parents. Not only is OK Karaoke a sight for sore eyes, it also has fantastic Autumn deals now available, such as Free entry from 5pm till late, free booths every Tuesday night, all night, 2 for one house drinks every day 5pm to 8pm, double up for £1 on house spirits, five Corona’s for the price of four, and many more offers to get you singing and dancing!


As the name suggests, this event brings something new and exciting to the worlds off every student in Leeds who knows how to have a good night, hell, this event defines excitement! Instead of having the same old event, at the same old venue, why not make things more interesting by holding the greatest club nights that defy and outrun the bedtimes of most mainstream clubs and events, somewhere different! If this sort of music is your thing, or even is a nice change to your ears, you NEED to head on over to the Quirky events. Bar 4 is your host, and the party doesnt stop until the music stops which is generally not until the DJ’s start falling asleep, so if you fancy listening to some fresh, and tasty music, with stunning views, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere make sure you attend a Quirky event. To be in the know of when one of the biggest and most fascinating nights for cool students is, you need to get on this.


Leeds is a thriving and popular city, well known for its thirst quenching nights of entertainment and constant party, therefore it is no surprise that it is a destination for Carnage, a great opportunity to get to know some of the most exciting cities in the UK, and a trend within students who do not want to cement their feet in just one of the clubs dance floors. Why not shake things up a little with one of Leeds’ biggest bar crawls, all with their different themes. You do not purchase a ticket, you purchase a T-shirt, this T-shirt provides you with tasks you must fulfill throughout your bar crawl, making the night more cheeky and flirty, or even just an ice breaker. Carnage events are voted the number one student event and have held this crown for 7 years in a row, so you will definitely want to see what a night in these T-shirts have in store for you. The next event is naughty nurses and Doctors theme, so get your white coats out and get ordering your T-shirts!

A previous Ad for an Angels and Devils themed Carnage night in leeds!

Well that concludes my short list of the many alternative nights out in Leeds, this city really is a stone in which when it is lifted all the insect like students are scuttling around the thousands of clubs and bars which are screaming for you to come visit and enjoy yourself, why not take advantage of this and start trying some new nights, even if you decide your favourite club is where you started, you will have explored and examined the other selections of such venues and destinations in Leeds, you will be able to sleep better knowing that you are sure that you have tried the most energetic atmospheres, and the most cutting edge sounds. Join me in the search for the night that matches your every need, and explore the many open doors in a city that almost never sleeps. Leeds is THE place to be for students everywhere.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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