An alternative night in Leeds

So the dust settles, and the air above the city fights its way into clarity. The memories of the unforgettable Varsity Rugby match still echoing beneath the towers of Leeds. ‘So what now?’ I wonder in  frustration, I had an itch, and I could not find anything to scratch it. Being a student for two years, I have become stuck in a routine, now sick to the back bone of this routine, I wonder what else I could possibly do in Leeds, in reference to a night out. The nights of blending with the majority of housemates and friends’ music taste, I have tired of rejecting my own taste of music, in return for a night of unfortunately average mainstream whisperings. So, why not, like me, challenge your borders, and experience these alternative nights out in which I have dug deep in to an intriguing world of possibilities to cure such an itch.

Fab Cafe

Never judge a book by its cover; A common saying, mostly used by people who find themselves scrambling for excuses to (in their view) describe their unappealing dullness. But this saying really rings true, who would have thought that beneath this tired looking car park, a night of alternative worlds, and fantasy would blur with reality. For FAB CAFE this is just another day. Priding itself to be the worlds first television and movie themed bar, since 1998. This venue combines a love for sci-fi faourites, such as Dr Who, Star Trek, and Marvel movies to name but a few, this place provides constant entertainment, even f you are searching the walls for your favourite characters. A fantastically colourful canvas, you are welcomed by many familiar faces spread upon the walls, and the child in you is bubbling intently at the surface.

As well as alternative themes, FAB CAFE loves alternative music, a great way to escape the repetitive choruses of the latest songs that are being overplayed on the radio, and everywhere else they can get a play. This place may look scary, but word has it that this place holds one of the biggest halloween nights in Leeds, and personally I will be testing the statement out this year. It is quite normal to expect FAB CAFE to pull out all of the stops when it comes to dressing up as characters from movies, or television shows.


The Hifi club

The HIFI club, usually known as a fantastic destination for students who love and appreciate a beautiful venue, offers a comedy night every Saturday. What better way to destress you after a week of work than laughing all of the negativity, and all of your worries out of your bones, or having a stranger point out weak spots of your self confidence, and have the crowd giggle away as they cleverly word it to make even yourself laugh? They say laughter is the best medicine, why not try this night out and see if it proves right? The laughing starts at 7.00pm so make sure you are there! Follow the link in the name and find out how to purchase tickets for an interesting, and, rather therapeutic night.


Bar Risa

Bar Risa is a sophisticated kiss of the eye to all students, at night students flock like moths to a flame to the beautiful glass and light twosome in which creates such artistic beauty to the world of clubs in Leeds. Not only is this bar stunning, this place dedicates Sunday nights to Karaoke time! What more could you ask for? A chance to sing your heart out to your favourite songs in front of  like minded people who appreciate that not everyone is at the same singing level, and in a friendly environment, with alcohol to provide the dutch courage. The Karaoke session starts at 9pm, so why not live out those fantasies of pretending you are the next big star, and choose which songs you are going to bless the crowd with this Sunday! Head on over for a good old sing along.


…If you think this is all Leeds has to offer for a different type of night out, you are mistaken, next week will be the second half of my list of alternative nights out, to give yourself a breath of Leeds fresh air, and a refreshing change to the nights out you are used to. Why not push the boat out and give some of these nights a try? You never know, you might be surprised. Check out my article next week to view the other half of alternative nights out in which Leeds has to offer.


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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