Drydock in Leeds

Scratching my brain in wonder of something to write about this week, it suddenly dawned upon me that I had yet to bequeath to future students the underlying love and passion of students in Leeds. A most popular and well loved element of most Leeds Metropolitan University student’s lives that is looked at with a warm glow in the hearts of those who have spent many a times sipping on a milky hot chocolate and clasping the cup as it sends hot shivers back into your frozen bloodstream caused by the severe winds and snappy winter weather, or delightfully letting the fruity cider twangs fizzle on your tongue underneath the reassuring glow of the sun. The days in which your timetable is that terrible, you find yourself having your breakfast in the lecture before the sun has risen, and before you could fully prise your eyelids apart, only unearthing from the towers of notes your now numb hand has carved into the majority of your notepad when the sun has crept sleepily back into the clouds, and the moon has appeared. The one day of the week in which you only have one hours lecture or seminar, and meet up with a close friend who shares the same benefit. Whatever the reason, it won’t take much for the average student in Leeds to stroll over to the beautiful, and stunningly captivating Drydock.

Behold...the Drydock

Why is it called Dydock? A Drydock is a narrow basin, or vessel, used for the construction or maintenance of boats and other watercrafts, but why is this called Drydock? Your sight is not failing you, Drydock is a boat, in the middle of the University area of Leeds, why? We dont need to know why, all we need to know is that it is a fantastic venue for you and your friends, and is not to be underestimated. In the day, Drydock feeds its beloved students and visitors with finger licking food, sending your taste buds crazy even at the thought of it, just like my mouth salivating right now at the image of the incredibly addictive Scampi, or the  mouth watering burger and a pint for just £3.75, with music videos playing throughout the venue, you can sing along to some much loved classics while waiting for your order. The staff at Drydock are relaxed and extremely friendly, and this tone is echoed throughout Drydock, with pool tables, many machines, and varied seating to further relax your hard working bones, as tense as concrete, there is even a glass roof which is opened on those rare hot afternoons. Upstairs you can look upon the students still hard at work, and pity them under the shade of the sunshades with the music still lulling you into a  relaxed state.

At night, the fairy lights in which Drydock adorns create a warm, and romantically comfortable social haunt, with selected drinks just £1 with Drydocks very own Yellow card, set up to reward and show the appreciation to regular customers. During Freshers fortnight, and from then on, Drydock is never quiet, with many groups chosing to start their night at their much loved haunt, and sometimes even ending their night, with the relaxed atmosphere a welcoming come down from the humming of ones ears, and feelings similar to that of being a sardine in a tin.

Drydock knows exactly how to entertain its customers, ensuring that there is an event for everyone;

Beginning the week with Monday night being Quiz night, as the customers excitedly fight it out from 8.30pm, what better place to compete with friends in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

Tuesdays at Drydock are Quids night; with drinks such as cider, lager, shots of wild, bottles of Becks, and Smirnoff Ice just £1 for the rest of the night, it is easy to stay up to date with your mates’ drunken states, even with a low bank balance.

Every Wednesday is an exciting event in which attracts flocks of music fans and skilled performers, the open mic night starts at 8.30pm, and accentuates the undercurrent of Leeds’ passion for music.

Thursdays are Energiser night, set up to keep Leeds students going all night, Smirnoff or Jeigermeister and Relentless for £1.50 single, or £2.25 double all night! How can you stop with those prices?

For the more sophisticated students Drydock has two nights of the week especially for you, with Fridays and Saturdays celebrating  cocktail night, with two cocktails for just £5 you can keep your tails wagging for as long as you like.

To commemorate the ending of a weekend, and the beginning of another hard working week, Drydock gives you pool competitions every Sunday, starting at 8.30, so if you think you are a pro with the table, head on over and put your talent to the test, you are amongst nothing but friendly people, happy prices, and a stunning venue.

Whichever night fits your personality the most, or if you have a free break in your timetable during the day and need somewhere interesting to eat, with, in my view, some of the tastiest food in Leeds, head over to your loyal and willing Drydock, not only does it have amazing taste in Music to adorn your ears, the staff serve you with a smile, and polite, friendly conversation, don’t forget, this place is extremely popular with students, so it has to be cool right? Students don’t make Drydock look cool, Drydock makes students look cool.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


3 thoughts on “Drydock in Leeds”

  1. Drydock has played host to so many key moments in my life, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a post written all about it!

  2. I remember when I studied at Leeds Met and one day someone decided to dump a barge opposite, we were all somewhat confused. I remember the opening night and many excellent nights whilst at Leeds….I have not been back since 96, but I’ll be there next Friday for a beer or many 🙂

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