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I am a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, studying English Literature. I am 20 years old, and love music, going to gigs, socialising, and meeting new people.

Live at Leeds

Friday 4th May. May 4th on Friday. The 4th of May which is a Friday. Either way you look at it, its the same thing, and its going to happen. To many people it will mean nothing, to others like me, it is the day us third years have been waiting for, for coming up to three years. It is the day we hand in what has been the parasite that has eaten away at our sanity second after second, simmering at the back of your mind, and laughing in a shadowy corner rubbing its dirt filled hands together in glee. This is the day we are reunited with our freedom, with our social lives, and our loved ones. But it will also be a day in which many students in Leeds will unite to create a crowd of thrill thirsty children ready to suck at the nipples of Leeds excitement again. Dozens of students will be gasping for air after successfully surviving the tidal wave of deadlines, and what will be there on the shoreline to rescue us? The 4th of May happens to be the start of Live at Leeds, only the best music event to scatter its life all over the best venues of Leeds; Big or small, Dark or light, dingy or up class, its going to be massive…


For just 20 flipping pound you bag a wristband that grants you access to a host of gigs with some great names in music, such as Marina and The Diamonds, The Enemy, Ghostpoet, Ladyhawke, The Subways and many more, with a long list of up and coming bands ready to get you dancing all your stresses away.

Live at Leeds is an annual music event stretching over the first bank holiday weekend every May, in which not only opens the door for budding musicians and bands, but also ensures that those of us with music addictions, or just in search of a celebratory blowout to wave goodbye to University work, fulfill every musical need to have you regenerated in no time.

Look at all this talent!


To kick off this amazing weekend Live at Leeds is holding what is referred to as The Unconference on Friday 4th May, this gives practical advice on how to enter the music industry with information provided from a host of experienced professionals ready to give you all the advice you like!


Whats more, if you fancy a good kick-about the 5- a- side tournament returns to Goals on Kirkstall Road.

For any information on tickets, or to dip you feelers further into this amazing weekend of musical fulfillment click on this link to be taken straight to the Live at Leeds website.


For only a twenty note, this is one hell of a bargain!


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.



The perfect Sunday Roast

Easter Holidays. A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, OR for a student,a chance to recharge ones batteries. Days are filled with the brushing off of responsibilities, and the procrastination acceptable of a Sunday. However, what makes Easter Sunday? I believe even the Easter Bunny would have a Sunday Roast, and even though not every student can fork out for a roast every week, Easter is the best excuse to make your tummy sigh with happiness. So here are some tips on how to bag the key ingredients for a cheap student roast in Leeds.



Regardless of whether you enjoy chicken, or Beef (a major debate within my student house), as previously mentioned in one of my articles, the best place for best fresh meat, at a student friendly price, is the market. Most of the butchers within the market will provide you with a months worth of all kinds of meat, for under £10, absolutely perfect for a meat hungry student.


It is worthwhile exploring the vegetable shops surrounding your halls/accommodation, as I live in Headingley, I have found a cute little vegetable shop with a fresh catalogue of vegetables for your desires. A small bag of parsnips and broccoli comes to 50p! These shops are also great for other meals, for example, eggs are just 10p each! If yo do not have any vegetable shops surrounding you, which is unlikely, you always have the vegetable stalls at the market to rely on.


I like to bake, therefore I pick up some eggs from the vegetable shops, and other ingredients from a local supermarket at a small price. Baking is great to enable you to explore some hidden culinary skills, is a great distraction from anything you would rather not think about, and is extremely fun to do with friends. However, if you are stricken with Lazyitus, local shops provide cheap ice lollies or ice creams and cakes at a good price.


Every Sunday lunch needs entertainment, and I have found a great way to pass time! It may sound pretty sad, but trawling charity shops for board games is great when you find Cluedo for £1.99, it has passed many hours for the housemates and I when we have rejected the daily responsibilities in preference to resting our overtired brains. Plus you can play these board games while your food goes down!

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a Sunday Roast to make, and a murder to solve… Happy Easter guys.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds metropolitan University.

Leeds Fest 2012 Anyone?

So it’s that time of year again, where every breath I take is a gasp of anticipation at the question of whether or not I can afford to be part of the underlying culture in which binds all students, and music enthusiasts in Leeds into a compound of ecstatic zombies hungry for body tingling beats. You can almost hear the subject vibrating in your ears, echoing through the library corridoors, and student residences, smell the moisture of mud in the air, living in fear at the thought of millions of wellies and bare bodies sliding through pools of its produce to the hypnotising sounds simmering in the humid stench of sweat and alcohol. Many a student spends their nights tossing and turning, trying to persuade the fear of not being able to afford a ticket to this event to return to the back of their minds, shivering in worry, and the subject of this highly contemplated fire of ear kissing sparks threatening to distract one from their studies.

The event to which I am referring to is of course none other than Leeds Festival, of which is returning for another year of eclectic fascination and one hell of a big hat full of tricks prepared to blow the socks well and truly off it’s willing followers.


Each year this festival offers headliners that fulfil’s the impossible, and out does the previous years selection of amazing talents. When I first stumbled across the poster for 2012’s offering, I almost frothed at the mouth in eagerness, who could ask for more than a weekend spent in the same company as The Foo Fighters, Katy B, Metronomy, The Cure, Paramore, Kasabian, and many more? I know I couldn’t.

Seven stages providing the satisfaction of your musical thirst once, twice, three, ten times over, and one massive reason to let all of your beautiful hair down and let the cold shivers of fascination rush all over your body. This event is not exclusive to Leeds lovers, the people at Leeds Fest welcomes everyone with open arms, in the mutual appreciation of great music.

Aswel as pulse raising music, Leeds festival also offers football tournaments, a cinema tent, bars, late night entertainment, food stalls, a pharmacy, toilets and showers, and many more facilities, even a Pink Moon camping package- for all those Glampers out there!

If you thought Leeds Festival 2011 couldn’t be beaten, you really need to check it out this year, it is going to be massive. Best start saving for this ticket then…

Tickets are available now from;

Selected HMV stores.

Online on; SeeTickets, Gigantic, LMDC, National Express,,,  Stargreen, Ticket Factory, Ticketline, Ticketmaster, Tickets Scotland.

And in person in selected music stores in primarily Sheffield and Leeds.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

International Women’s Day

Strolling in to University today, innocently and determined to retrieve some library books in which I have had on hold for at least two weeks, my march beginning to create an outspoken thud among the hustle and bussle of the students in the hallway, and I almost walk straight past something that catches my eye.

Now I was aware that it was International  Women’s Day today, however, due to another important dwelling in my mind I cast it backwards into the unimportant, but Univeristy brought to life the important image it beholds. Not that long ago did women named Suffragettes fight, risk their lives, and some unlucky ones actually lose their lives, in the war against a patriarchal society which wavered that women were unable to vote. In a world where women can now vote, gain successful jobs, and furthermore remain almost equal to the male species, it is easy to forget, or even take advantage of what these inspirational women fought so hard for the future generation of females. Its in the name; they Suffered for our rights.


The wall was filled with placards containing cases of many different inspirational women that have inspired and upheld  the fight for women’s rights, from Rosa Parks; A woman who, when Black communities were to remain separate from White communities, refused to stand up for a white passenger on a bus in Alabama in 1955. Parks is known as the ‘mother of the freedom movement’ and a highly valued member of the Civil Rights Movement, kept in great company with people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Like the Suffragettes Parks refused to conform to her inferior stereotypical role, and stood up for the minority in a brave act of heroism in the defense of the Black community.

 Joining such women on the wall are some more recent names, for example Lady Gaga for her individuality, and the belief that people should just accept her as she is, an ever morphing female who is empowered by her sexuality. Ellen Degeneres, who is not only proud of her being lesbian, but  she also became the first comedienne to be invited for a chat after her performance on the Tonight Show with Jonny Carson. 

The main point of this article is to remind everyone, that University not only accepts ALL holidays and causes, but celebrates them too. This wall I have described to you has also provided its students with information on Black History month, LBGT, and many more. Even if these holidays are not celebrated by yourself, it is a great way to celebrate it for people who do, and a fantastic way to relish in all our amazing differences. For example, I am straight, however looking at the posters containing information and facts about LBGT enabled me to gain more of an understanding of people who do struggle with such problems of sexuality and gender. I could not be any more proud of being part of a University that does this for its students.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Reach out and touch faith

It is incredibly easy for a student at University to forget their motivation for being there in the first place. What with all the addictive  student club nights, harrowing hangovers, and the confusing rush of new opportunities taunting your interest and inviting your attention elsewhere, in to all kinds of directions. The student life is a hard habit to shake off, and it is hard to see an end to the constant parties, and late nights with the dissilusion that you will be able to flunk life when it finally calls with a little pro plus and an enthusiastic gulp of energy drink.

This is where I was a few weeks previously, missing the bigger picture, and forgetting just how much I want to succeed in music journalism, and preferring to indulge my passion in the many delights of Urban Outfitters. Then I looked at my phone as it flashed in the shadow of my distraction, and the light bulb immediately switched back on. As I opened the email on my Blackberry, I bubbled inside with excitement. I was invited to an open lecture with the guest speaker being that of a widely popular writer who provides articles for The Guardian and has contributed to Q magazine, having written her first novel, and in the process of writing her second. I practically jumped off my chair after reading how the lecture would consist of this talented journalist explaining her passion towards music, and the path in which she walked down to get to the position she was in now, and immediately set an alarm for it.

On the day of the lecture I arose bright and early with apprehensive nerves, and carefully considered what I could wear that would impress the speaker enough to realise that I was a great choice of protege, to follow in her footsteps (mindless daydreaming, but worth a try anyway). I spent all my break reading this woman’s work, and revelling in our combined passion for music, and when I witnessed the incessant passion for music magnificently rolling off her tongue I was reminded that I am on the right path to my dream job, I was half tempted to jump up and hug this new hero of mine, after the lecture, in gratitude for the fresh inspiration to remain in the same path.

where dreams are realised (or remembered)

This lecture is not just a one off either, another relevant email has found its way to my phone ensuring me that I was aware of a lecture with the guest speaker being a widely known DJ who will be discussing the relevance of music in today’s culture, yet another burst of  academic excitement followed, and the eagerness to meet someone who employs a wide section of  my Itunes is almost too much to bare. And it is not just us aspiring music journalists blessed with all these inspiring pep talks, students are always kept up to date with the latest guest speaker to bless willing students with their lectures covering a wide variety of occupations, genres, and subjects, so make sure you read all those boring University emails, you might see something that sparks the electric current to your own dreams and goals.

The motive for this article is to remind you that although the student lifestyle may exhume an incredible fog into your vision of the future, University itself is always at hand to feed in to your passion, and to inspire you into the depths of your dreams full capacity. You CAN make your dreams come true. Never forget that.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Valentines day in Leeds

Valentines day. A dreaded enemy of mine. A day dedicated to celebrate the love you have for someone you should be treating well every other day of the year. With shop fronts glittered with red stars and love hearts, the taste of love sizzles on my tongue like sweet venom. As you have probably guessed, Valentines day is not my favourite holiday, but hey, I’m not one to shoot cupid down so quickly! Ignore my cynicism, on the actual day I will be melting like honey with the other millions of women hypnotised or brainwashed by unrealistic fairytales of happy endings, and I become weak to the addictive haze of those rose tinted glasses.

However, I am for now unsure how I will be celebrating this over-hyped ‘holiday’; With last years highlight being hugging a pole for most of the night after a night out with as many of my single friends I could find, and the year previous to that walking to the supermarket with my then ‘sweetheart’ (eurgh, Valentines day lexis) so that I could purchase as much chocolate as I could possibly consume to Dirty Dancing (a girls best friend) whilst the guy in question went to play rugby instead. So, while I wonder if  this years Valentines day makes history and is actually happily celabrated, I thought I would check out some events in Leeds that people of all relationship types could get up to on this magically romantic day (I’m trying). Whether you are a single pringle, or in a happy relationship, there are so many events prepared and waiting for you to enjoy in conjunction with the big old V day.

Tiger Tiger 

For all you partiers:

If an eclectic mix of playful games, affordable prices, and one hell of a fun night is what you are looking for this valentines day, get yourself over to Tiger Tiger on Tuesday the 14th of Feb for the perfect celebration/distraction. With playful games such as a lock and key party, Traffic light stickers; Red for couples, Amber for maybe’s, and Green for you singletons wanting to have some fun, an excitingly competitive slave auction for you to choose the next hot victim to adorn you with attention, and not forgetting some classic speed dating. Tiger Tiger blends the perfect valentines day for everyone, not only do you have a chance to enjoy a three course meal, and entry to the club at £20 per person, but you get to experience a night that only happens once every year. When do you ever get a chance to buy that hottie you have had your eye on for months’ attention for the night? You can also get a free taxi to the event before 11pm! Get yourself down here and experience valentines nights at Tiger, it will have you growling with enjoyment!

Kendells Bistro

For the food enthusiasts:

So you are planning a romantic night out to treat your other half, or just yourself and a bunch of friends. You are wanting somewhere different with a relaxed environment, and exotic menu’s to cause your taste buds to bubble and burst with excitement. Take a journey to Kendells Bistro. This place has a massive focus on good quality of food, and not only does it have friendly and helpful staff (instead of all the awkward upper lip business in most posh restaurants) but it provides you with a beautiful french bistro atmosphere. The glimmer of the candles stretch over the chalked menus on the side of the restaurant, and beautiful paintings, tiles and decor adorn the venue to help you feel as if you have strolled into a restaurant in le paris! The bearer of many prestigious awards such as best European restaurant, and Best Leeds restaurant, it is a wonder that anyone would want to leave! This place is the ideal destination for those who want to experience good food, and a cosy Valentines, with a taste of something different in your mouth.

With the demand for this hugely popular destination extremely high, the Valentines menu is £55 per person, however, Valentines day is only once a year, and if you are looking to impress, as the menu says, Kendells Bistro is ‘the most romantic restaurant in Leeds’.

Take a dip in these rosy waters on their website:

mouth-wateringly romantic

Ice Cube

For all you thrill seekers:

Why not cool all this valentines day hotness with a little bit of ice? Ice cube has returned to the strikingly stunning Millennium square in Leeds, and it is even better this year! This time, not only is it a chance to bust out some moves you have taught yourself in the front room whilst watching Dancing on Ice (and lets face it, probably failing), you can now catch some wind sliding down the new 30 metre dry slope snow slide, AND experience what it would be like to be flying down an incredibly high mountain of snow in Ski’s, or a bobsleigh in the simulator. What better day to do all of these cool (excuse the pun) activities than Valentines day. It is a perfect excuse to hold your valentines hand under the pretense that you can not keep stable in your skates, and a great chance to snuggle up to them in order to keep warm. For more information check the website, don’t miss out on the chance to impress your date with your originality, and skating skills! Snow joke! (sorry, again).

Happy Valentines day guys, I am starting to feel like my ideal Valentines day would be all three of these.
Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Food, Glorious Food

For your average student, Christmas means a chance to eat as much food as you can, from the hands of those family members who have tirelessly sweated in front of an oven all day. A chance to get some much needed sleep and comfort in the warm houses of their loved ones. And an opportunity to soak up all the tender loving care offered to them while opening the mobile phone you have asked for, because your overdraft disagreed with purchasing it yourself a couple of months ago , after you smashed it following too many pints.

But when the season to be jolly ends, you cant help resisting the urge to relent to those January blues. The cold weather is still biting at your ankles, you remember the thousand looming deadlines and exams you ‘accidentally’ forgot over Christmas, and you don’t want to go back to the student house with no heating or insulation.

goodbye central heating, hello jumpers and thick quilts

However, we are in a new year, it is 2012! And a new year brings new opportunities, I always get excited at the thought of a new year, there are so many possibilities waiting in the pipeline, so why not take advantage of the fresh year, and do something different? As a student, I have not been very experimental when it comes to eating out, opting to order a cheeky take away if I fancied something different, rather than eating out somewhere nice. I figured that, seeing as it is a new year, I should spice my food life up. Here are a few of the resturaunt’s I have visited in my hunt for great food and service in Leeds.


A warm family friendly resturaunt, Harvester provides both a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your company, and food, and a sophisticated feeling, even if you do not want to spend much.   While you wait for your table to be prepared, the bar provides many thirst quenching beverages, with an atmosphere that enables you to pretend you are a rich aristocrat, and prices that do not damage your wallet. The ‘help yourself’ salad bar is open as soon as you receive your table with many tasty treats, such as crutons, endless salad toppings bread rolls for you to indulge in, while your stomach rumbles in anticipation for the delicious meals in store for you to choose from. Whether you fancy a full rack of ribs, or just a nice curry, Harvester resuscitates your taste buds back to life. ear not hard workers, if you are too run down by work and deadlines to leave the house for too long, Harvester provides a take away service for you to enjoy. Open 11am to 11pm, visit here to order your takeaway now, to see for yourself why I enjoyed this place so much, and why not visit the salad bar while you wait for your take away? I guess it would be rude not too.


One of my all time favourite destinations at the minute, this place is not just a restaurant, it is also a cocktail bar, and a music lounge too! Each level of Trio is a separate environment ready for you to explore!  Walk through the entrance doors and take advantage of everything Trio has to offer. Feel entirely a hundred dollars being served a tasty sex on the beach, then fill your stomach with the richest and tastiest offerings of the restaurant menu, before moving to Skippy’s lounge in the basement for a candle lit boogie! This place is famous for its portrayal of the gay bar in Emmerdale in which Aaron had his first gay kiss, visit here and you might witness them filming scenes! I did! The warm tones and comfortable leather seating, complimented by the flirty flutter of candles thoughtfully scattered around ensure that not only is this a fantastic place to bring your friends for a nice catch up and a cheeky cocktail, but a wonderful scene for a romantic date. Trio offers prices that are affordable for students and yet provide a service that is fit for the queen.


Red Hot World Buffet

Ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and envied those greedy little mouths? Me too, so you can imagine my excitement when I walked in to Red Hot World Buffet and saw the desert section! Set out like an airport terminal to represent the amount of different world foods available here, you really feel like you are in another world! There is even an airplane to walk through! Choices of food include; Indian, Italian, Mexican, Louisiana Grill, Chinese, and many more to delve your teeth in to! You can stay here for hours tasting just one of the world continents food options, there is so many. Red Hot World Buffet is a fantastic destination for anyone, even the pickiest of eaters, and with desert choices enough to feed the 5000, it is no wonder I could not move for the rest of the night after visiting here. Friendly warning though- Do not feed your eyes before your stomach! A lesson I am yet to learn at this heaven of a place. For lunch Monday to Sunday, Red Hot is open 12am-4pm at the price of £8.49, and half price for children under 10. For Dinner, visit at 5pm-10.30pm (11.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays) at the price of  £12.99 (£14.99 Friday’s and Saturday’s).

Willy Wonka would be proud!


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.