Leeds Pride

In a time when the collapse of your own society is imminent, with thugs and hooligans scuttling  the streets on the lookout for any freebies in which they can grab in the war like zone of riots, it is worth clasping on to the positive side of your community. Leeds Pride is more than positive, it is oozing confidence, and freedom for all, not in the ‘I’m here to claim my taxes back’ way either. Whether you are straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transsexual, or just fancy a brilliant day out, Leeds Pride caters to you.

In the six years it has been running, Leeds Pride has proven popular with the crowds, bringing in 23,000 people on to the Leeds streets, and earning it’s fantastic colorful status. With the marchers proudly waving the rainbow flags of diversity, the atmosphere is exceedingly high. It is times like this in which you stop, look around, and finally see the true meaning of acceptance, and, once again, I fall further in love with the city of Leeds. The rush of solidarity seeps through the streets of Leeds City Centre with the march, and the enthusiastic vocals of the acts on show provide an even louder voice of achievement, and diversity. This event will never have one bored with popular DJ’s, entrancing cabaret, and celebrity drag acts to name but just a few of the events exciting goings on.

Walking through the wet streets of Leeds, under the ruling of a grey blanket in the sky, you almost want to crawl back into your bed, to the guaranteed warmth, however, as you get closer to the centre, and the streets start to become wallpapered with rainbow flags, it is hard to remain frown faced, as the feeling of ease in which many of the Leeds Pride followers feel, is inspiring. It is increasingly rewarding just to see such feeling of contentment on every individuals face in these crowds. With fantastically outrageous outfits, this years theme for the festival is ‘Glam and Glitz’, and everyone competes for the most shiny, glamorous outfit.

This event is free, meaning that you have no excuse not to join to in with the fun, even if, like me, it is just to show your support to the LGBT community. In this day and age, it is great that we can all celebrate our differences, because afterall, it our differences that tell us apart, and make us all special, Leeds Pride knows this, and not only shows the pride in their individuality, it celebrates individuality itself, hell it is the emblem of individuality! So come on down, and join in on a great day, you have a whole year to prepare your jazzy outfit for the next Leeds Pride, but you also have a whole year to make sure you grab a day off to join in on the fun. Take my advice and do not miss out on this event, bring your friends and make the most of such a bright, sunny day, no matter what the weather.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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