Leeds Varsity Match 2011!

‘Are you Leeds or Leeds Met?’ A common question within students in Leeds. You see, there is an underlying tension between Leeds Uni and Leeds Met students, this arises especially at the beginning of the academic year when the two University rugby teams compete against each other in a very exciting, and tense game. In a chance to prove themselves better than the other University, on Wednesday the 5th of October, both teams give as good as they get, making it the place to be for all students in Leeds. And with an after party as hard as the match, you can celebrate the results of the match regardless whether you are supporting the winning team or not.

This fantastically tense event is held at the one and only Leeds Carnegie Stadium in Headingley, a beautiful Rugby venue, and home to Leeds Rhinos, and Leeds Metropolitan University. The crowds are always heaving so it is best to get your tickets, and arrive at the venue early to avoid bagging a disappointing seat where you cannot see over the tall guys head in front of you, and the beer spilt from the energetic crowd giving you a shower of stickiness. Tickets are £10 but you get your moneys worth with being part of a historic event casting the foundations for the rest of the year, and then partying with fellow supporters and team members at a much talked about after party.

Even if you do not know the first thing about Rugby, come and support your University team, and take a sip of the highly intoxicating atmosphere of the competitive buzz he teams send through the crowd like tsunami waves. Always an eventful match, last year had a minimum of four streakers to break the tension and send ripples of laughter through the air, and watching a naked hero being frantically chased after by four or five serious looking guards as they dart through the match, with players trying hard not to notice and break their concentration, it is a sight not to miss out on.



With tensions rife, and both teams working tirelessly in preparation for one of the biggest matches of the year, make sure you are there to witness the course of the match, and be part of history. It is hard not to get caught up in the hype of this match, whether you are supporting your friend, housemate, or just your University team, don’t miss out on cheering at a very important match, taken very seriously by all involved. If you are still not persuaded, there are cheerleaders to entertain you, and the Rugby players to catch your eye. The tickets purchased here not only give you entry to the match, but also to the after party, ensuring you are guaranteed a full course meal of  the Varsity match experience. You can purchase tickets on the gate, however this only gives you entry to the match, and only half of the experience. So get purchasing your tickets online now, because I guarantee they will not be going for long, every year these tickets fly off the shelves, as people fight their way to one of the biggest events of the University year.


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.



Leeds Metropolitan University Societies- Get involved now!

Fishing my way through the stampede of freshly new students, I was in a realm of inspiration, surrounded by excitable representatives, enthusiastically thriving upon the opportunity of conveying their passions successfully onto a willing student. The freshers fair is booming, and under the influence of the high energetic levels of the reps, theatrically jumping and sliding their way around the fresh faced public, I make my way towards the colourful stalls. Surrounded by the welcoming smiles offering an intake on a particularly fun year, suddenly it hits me; In the nearly three years in which I have spent attending Leeds Metropolitan University, I have not previously taken part in a society. Overwhelmed with an intense rush of disappointment and frustration in myself, I scan the table tops, and many faces in search of something that takes my fancy. Immediately something catches my eye, and as I approach the stall a friendly, and warm voice has me enticed to sign up, after five minutes conversation with the rep, I have already made a new friend, convincing me that I had made the right choice, and excited to find out more about a society I may further decide to join.

Seeing all the stalls, and so many nice people, ready and willing to bring out the best in each and every student, and make their year a little more perfect, I thought I would provide a short list, of a very wide and varied selection of societies and commities.

Ambustar (First Aid Skills)

Also in its third year at Leeds Met, this society is open to people from all medical levels, and is a fantastic way to gain the most basic, varying to a more deeper knowledge of First Aid to then apply to real life situations, such as football games, concerts, and much more. A brilliant fixture to add to your CV, Ambustar meets every Wednesday to learn fantastic First Aid skills, and even has the support of an external organisation, meaning this society receives five million pounds worth of insurance, lots of equipment, and even ambulances. If you are studying a medical career, or even just want to dip your toes into First Aid, this course can appeal to everyone. If this society appeals to you, email info@ambustar.co.uk to gain more information.

Audio Active (DJing) 

For you DJ’s, this is the one for you, be gone those days where your housemate/flatmate is incessantly banging on the walls begging you to turn it down. You can now mix with like-minded DJ enthusiasts who, just like you, enjoy mixing it up, and experimenting with the latest sounds, lighting, and props. Audio Active is passionate about DJ’s, and hopes to get enough DJ’s to create their own night. Not only will you playing host to your own house parties, but your audience will be extended to many friendly, people, who want nothing more but to enjoy your DJ sets. With open mic/open deck nights, and a monthly club promoting ALL DJ’s involved, dont be shy, and share your wonderful music with people who appreciate it. If this sounds like your cup of tea, email bensahutchings@gmail.com to be part of something exciting in the DJ world.

Climbing and Mountaineering club

For those students who like the outside, to challenge themselves, and reep rewards such as fulfilling that climb to one of the highest peaks, this club is for you. Climbing and Mountaineering club accepts people of all climbing levels, and provides a fun, friendly atmosphere to gain both social, and competitive climbing experiences. If you like more of a competitive climb, you have the option of training five times a week, and are offered to train with Bouldering, Sport climbing, and Trad. With many fantastic opportunities to travel, and gain climbing skills at many different sites; trips to the lakes, and foreign peaks in places such as Spain, and France, to ensure you gain a wider knowledge of different terrains, and also enjoy a fulfilling trip with friends who enjoy the same passions as yourself. If this sounds appealing, contact climbingclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.


This club satisfies the more flexible of students, with activities such as trampolining, Bars, Vault, Beam, Rings, Pommel, Asymetric bars to name but a few, this society has both Male and Female coaches, to teach you the most elegant, and fascinating moves in gymnastics, in a safe environment. Do not fear, even if you cannot fully complete a cartwheel, or forward roll, the Gymnastics club caters to every level of gymnast, and is a great chance for students to become more confident, thrive within the sport. If you are simply just inspired by the guilty pleasures of such television programmes set out to encourage more gymnasts, or it has simply been an interest of yours for a while, do not miss out on a chance to learn some hypnotising moves. If this inspires you, do not hesitate to contact; gymnasticsclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

This could be you...

Kayaking and Canoe

If extreme water sports is more your thing, Kayaking and Canoe club fits your needs. From activities in waters ranging from the highly exciting white water, to the calm, majestic lake waters and canals, this club offers many exciting possibilities, even the choice to take part in BUCS competitions, the BBQ, and Fancy dress on offer. Day trips away from Leeds ensure you are provided with a wide range of waters to train with, and also an opportunity to travel with people who share the same thrills. Coaching sessions are held in the campus pool, with people from all levels able to take part, why not pump some adrenaline in those veins of yours, and get some of the biggest thrills of your life. With all equipment provided for you, it is hard to say no! All you have to do is email; kayakclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Snow sports

Five years since Leeds Met Skiers and Snowboarders combined to make Snow sports, the club has already gained a strong image, and following, with more and more people joining every year. Filled with a team passionate about Snow Sports, you can imagine why this club is increasingly sociable, with trips to Castleford Xscape providing members with fixtures of their addiction. For all you students wanting a club that is fun, friendly, and loves getting wrapped up and active in the cold, you should definately give the Snow Sports club a go, you will not regret it!  Competing for many accolades, this club placed third in this years Womens big air Snowboarding, and missed out on the ski slalom finals by just miliseconds. This club welcomes people of all abilities, so you have no excuse not to get involved. For your chance to travel to Edinburgh for one of the most exciting competitions, and an annual trip to the beautiful French Alps, and meet some fun, and exciting people, just email; snowsportsclub@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Leeds Met Comedy Society

For all you comedians, why don’t you share your talents with people who appreciate a good laugh? Instead of just being the class joker, or the comedian of your friends, put your fantastic skills to work, you may be on to something! Leeds Met Comedy Society is for people who love to laugh, or make people laugh, so if you feel this society sounds like you, give a.wright3263@student.leedsmet.ac.uk an email, who knows who you will be making laugh next!

Photography Society

Students with the amazingly creative eye for photography will find this society to be of particular interest. No matter whether you prefer film, landscape, portrait, or live music, the Photography Society appreciates and values the intriguing art of photography, and encourages students with budding skills to unleash their inner artist, and open themselves up to a world of opportunity in developing their art. With many socials, outings, and workshops, this society will definitely inspire you. Email; emma.barrott@googlemail.com for the chance to dig beneath nature, and its sights, and capture something rather beautiful.

What will you capture?

Do no be alarmed if nothing on this list sparks your enthusiasm, there are many, many more societies and clubs at Leeds Metropolitan University to choose from, this is but the tip of the Ice Berg. Why not take a look over the long list of exciting activities you could be a part of, I can guarantee there will be more than one choice that matches for you. Do not be shy, this is the time you can do something exciting, something life changing, and be a part of something you have always dreamt; this can be more than just a dream, you just have to send an email, and you are half way there! Look at the List now, and behold!

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Exeter Freshers’ Week

Night’s out:

EXPECT TO QUEUE. The queues in Exeter during Freshers’ Week are ridiculous, expect to turn up to a club at 8 and still be queuing for an hour… BUT on the positive side queues are a good way to meet fellow fresher’s and bond with flatmates.

Arena: Although it’s open every night of Freshers’ week, the best nights at Arena will probably be Monday Madness (with School Disco fancy dress), Cheesy Tuesday (great night all year long) and Thursday when there is a Fuzzy Logic Fresher’s Party – with DJ Mark Allan.

Timepiece: Wednesday at Timepiece is sports night so all the big sports clubs will be there having heavy nights with all their new members . Friday is also a good night at Timepiece, a bit more chilled out but still tonnes of students and the dance floors are open upstairs.

Mosaic: Monday Nights at Mosaic are popular throughout the year with Fresher’s and it’s likely to be one of the biggest nights of Freshers’ week.

Saturday Lemmy: The Lemon Grove is the club on campus which has just been refurbished over the summer. On the Saturday at the end of Freshers’ Week a big night is held there which can get very busy and is a great night out, always made better by the fact it’s only a short stumble home if you’re living on campus.

Sports Clubs: Taster Sessions are held every day of Freshers’ week, they tend to be free (unless you have to travel somewhere) and are a good way to meet people and make new friends. Try a new sport before having to sign up properly at the Freshers’ Fair or just go along for a bit of fun. If you don’t want to join one of the main sports clubs eg. Football, Netball, Hockey etc. there are lots of more unusual alternatives. The Student’s Guild website has a full list of societies http://www.exeterguild.org/

Societies: Other societies hold taster sessions, picnics, barbeques and other activities quite often involving free food.  There are dozens of societies which are subject/ faith/ interest related and definitely something for everyone. If you don’t manage to attend any taster sessions it’s not the end of the world, you can still sign up at Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Ball: On 12/10/2011 The Freshers’ Ball is once again being held in the Great Hall, HURRAH, now that building works are approaching completion upon campus. Most Freshers tend to go; they haven’t announced the line up yet but should do in the next week. Tickets are £30.

Freshers’ Week in Bristol

The beginning of university is an exciting time: no work to do, lots of parties and plenty of new people to meet. But with so much going on, how are we supposed to work out what’s worth going to, and what isn’t? The Bristolian branch of the Student Channel has sifted through all the listings – both university-organised and otherwise – to bring you the very best that your Freshers’ Week has to offer.

University of Bristol

According to the University of Bristol Facebook page, the two biggest and most popular freshers’ events are the Freshers’ Party (4 October) and the Freshers’ Ball (13 October). They are £7 and £22 respectively, but you can buy tickets for both for the discounted price of £26. The ball is at Motion, one of Bristol’s biggest, coolest and most popular nightclubs, so expect it to sell out! But these are just the tip of the iceberg: more information on freshers’ events organised by the students union can be found here, and each individual residence also organises its own parties.


Motion, Bristol


The biggest event of UWE’s freshers’ week calendar is the Allstars Party, taking place on the Frenchay campus on Saturday 24th September. The line up is impressive: Chase and Status, the View and Kissy Sell Out are headlining. Tickets are £30 a pop, but if that seems a little on the expensive side there’s plenty more going on at a fraction of the price, including comedy nights and mock-full moon beach parties. Click here for full listings.


Bristol events

Freshers’ week may be organised by your union, but that doesn’t mean you’re confined to the official events! Local clubs are putting on a huge variety of freshers’ themed events; read on for a selection of the very best Bristol has to offer.


The Thekla

With term starting again the Thekla is reviving its well-established and hugely popular student night Zoology: the official club night of UWE’s Hub Radio. The connection doesn’t make it exclusive to UWE students, though – University of Bristol freshers are just as welcome. Every Monday you can expect to hear indie, pop and hip hop, plus the Hub Radio DJs themselves on the top deck (the Thekla is a boat, doncha know). Get down before 10 to escape the door charge. Facebook group

That’s not all – the Thekla is also debuting its newest student night Wobble, which will be bringing you the best in dubstep, drum and bass and “generally wobbly beats” every Tuesday night. Facebook group


For more information on freshers’ week at the Thelka, click here



Between 23rd and 25th SeptemberBristol’s newest and most up-and-coming festival, ‘BrisFest’, will be transforming the centre with a mixture of music, comedy, street theatre, circus and art. Tickets are a bargain: entry to the festival starts at £8 and the boat parties is as little as £6, so if you’re new to the city there’s no excuse not to get down there and experience some local culture! You can read the Student Channel’s preview of the festival here for more information.

 Propaganda @ Syndicate

You’ve probably heard of Propaganda before – massively popular in almost every student city, it’s the UK’s number one Indie night. Already a fan? Well “Props” was born in Bristol, and it’s easily the city’s biggest club night. You’d be a fool to miss the first one of term, on Wednesday 21st September. Get there early to avoid missing out. Facebook group

 Smash the Lanes @ The Lanes


Intriguingly described as “cheap drinks, good music and cheap bowling for all”, Smash the Lanes is possibly the first ever student night to feature a bowling alley. Entry is free and drinks deals abound, so if a blend of funk, hip hop, dubstep, drum and bass, house and disco sounds appealing this might just be for you.


Written by Lucy, Bristol


Drydock in Leeds

Scratching my brain in wonder of something to write about this week, it suddenly dawned upon me that I had yet to bequeath to future students the underlying love and passion of students in Leeds. A most popular and well loved element of most Leeds Metropolitan University student’s lives that is looked at with a warm glow in the hearts of those who have spent many a times sipping on a milky hot chocolate and clasping the cup as it sends hot shivers back into your frozen bloodstream caused by the severe winds and snappy winter weather, or delightfully letting the fruity cider twangs fizzle on your tongue underneath the reassuring glow of the sun. The days in which your timetable is that terrible, you find yourself having your breakfast in the lecture before the sun has risen, and before you could fully prise your eyelids apart, only unearthing from the towers of notes your now numb hand has carved into the majority of your notepad when the sun has crept sleepily back into the clouds, and the moon has appeared. The one day of the week in which you only have one hours lecture or seminar, and meet up with a close friend who shares the same benefit. Whatever the reason, it won’t take much for the average student in Leeds to stroll over to the beautiful, and stunningly captivating Drydock.

Behold...the Drydock

Why is it called Dydock? A Drydock is a narrow basin, or vessel, used for the construction or maintenance of boats and other watercrafts, but why is this called Drydock? Your sight is not failing you, Drydock is a boat, in the middle of the University area of Leeds, why? We dont need to know why, all we need to know is that it is a fantastic venue for you and your friends, and is not to be underestimated. In the day, Drydock feeds its beloved students and visitors with finger licking food, sending your taste buds crazy even at the thought of it, just like my mouth salivating right now at the image of the incredibly addictive Scampi, or the  mouth watering burger and a pint for just £3.75, with music videos playing throughout the venue, you can sing along to some much loved classics while waiting for your order. The staff at Drydock are relaxed and extremely friendly, and this tone is echoed throughout Drydock, with pool tables, many machines, and varied seating to further relax your hard working bones, as tense as concrete, there is even a glass roof which is opened on those rare hot afternoons. Upstairs you can look upon the students still hard at work, and pity them under the shade of the sunshades with the music still lulling you into a  relaxed state.

At night, the fairy lights in which Drydock adorns create a warm, and romantically comfortable social haunt, with selected drinks just £1 with Drydocks very own Yellow card, set up to reward and show the appreciation to regular customers. During Freshers fortnight, and from then on, Drydock is never quiet, with many groups chosing to start their night at their much loved haunt, and sometimes even ending their night, with the relaxed atmosphere a welcoming come down from the humming of ones ears, and feelings similar to that of being a sardine in a tin.

Drydock knows exactly how to entertain its customers, ensuring that there is an event for everyone;

Beginning the week with Monday night being Quiz night, as the customers excitedly fight it out from 8.30pm, what better place to compete with friends in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

Tuesdays at Drydock are Quids night; with drinks such as cider, lager, shots of wild, bottles of Becks, and Smirnoff Ice just £1 for the rest of the night, it is easy to stay up to date with your mates’ drunken states, even with a low bank balance.

Every Wednesday is an exciting event in which attracts flocks of music fans and skilled performers, the open mic night starts at 8.30pm, and accentuates the undercurrent of Leeds’ passion for music.

Thursdays are Energiser night, set up to keep Leeds students going all night, Smirnoff or Jeigermeister and Relentless for £1.50 single, or £2.25 double all night! How can you stop with those prices?

For the more sophisticated students Drydock has two nights of the week especially for you, with Fridays and Saturdays celebrating  cocktail night, with two cocktails for just £5 you can keep your tails wagging for as long as you like.

To commemorate the ending of a weekend, and the beginning of another hard working week, Drydock gives you pool competitions every Sunday, starting at 8.30, so if you think you are a pro with the table, head on over and put your talent to the test, you are amongst nothing but friendly people, happy prices, and a stunning venue.

Whichever night fits your personality the most, or if you have a free break in your timetable during the day and need somewhere interesting to eat, with, in my view, some of the tastiest food in Leeds, head over to your loyal and willing Drydock, not only does it have amazing taste in Music to adorn your ears, the staff serve you with a smile, and polite, friendly conversation, don’t forget, this place is extremely popular with students, so it has to be cool right? Students don’t make Drydock look cool, Drydock makes students look cool.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Events not to miss for Leeds Met Freshers

Trailing through my stash of Joy Division music like it was the air I needed to breathe, I was once again struggling to get to sleep. Its hard to tell whether it is the music from four houses down pulsating through the walls, or if my brain is just not ready to turn off yet. Stammering around my Itunes library in the search of some beautifully dark song willing to mellow my overactive brain, I realised something, over these past few months of freedom from University studies, and deadlines, the majority of my social life was left suffocating in the darkness of early mornings and early nights. The constant waves of visitations and nights out of friends became withered and weak due to the absence of the majority of such friends at the start of the summer. Many of my university friends and neighbours choose to return home for summer in order to receive a mental balance for all those times their bank balances have not allowed them to go out, or the countless days of having to make the effort of cooking their own tea, and failing to reach the quality of their parents, in a nutshell, they retreated into their dependant bubbles of familial support and returned to being molly cuddled by their parents, oh hell I am just bitter I didn’t tag on to the benefits of surrendering my adult independance in return for healthy home cooked meals and free rent for the summer.

My point is, that the handful of us that are left in Leeds over the summer, have found work, and become slaves to their independance, we have gone the binary opposite way to our friends, and have had a taster of  the poison of ‘life’. Such commitments have made us unable to enjoy the true necessities of University life, the life with particular reference being the nightlife, even if you could make it out, the groups of friends you would enjoy certain clubs with were absent. Even upon the opportunity of making new friends, due to the fact that most students had left the city for summer, many of the student deals you would normally take advantage of were tucked away under the club owners wallet, gathering dust until the flocks of students march back.

Our reliable frenemies

This is where Freshers week comes in. A fantastic injection of excitement back into our half deprived social lives, and for the Freshers, just a taster of what the majority of their first year will be like. On this same night of my frustrating lack of sleepiness, I played on my laptop until the early hours,  and stumbled across an exciting sight. The list of all the mischievous student events in Freshers fortnight encouraged my eyes to stay awake for even longer, but I was thankful to see the return of the student friendly deals, and delighted in the fact of welcoming so many students back into Leeds. Here are some of the events I sighed away tears of relief to;

Freshers Neon Foam Party

Who would be better to welcome you into Freshers week than the perfectly tasty Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates, with the latest tunes easing you in to a fun filled night of Neon colours, and a blanket of Foam to play in, this sounds like a mouthwatering combination of popular club night activities rolled into one to bring you a night not to miss out on. With giveaways, and circus performers that will have you on tenterhooks, on  Monday 19th September the stage of the City Campus at Leeds Metropolitan University will be heaving with excitable newbies wanting in on the action, and oldies needing a fix of the youthful entertainment.

Freshers Ball

With previous years of the Freshers ball theme including being based upon Charlie and the chocolate factory, this years theme will ooze enthusiastic wows of the crowd, not only the dazzling effects of circus props and acts, but spectacular DJs and acts such as Nick Grimshaw, Aggro Santos, Belle Amie and Beat A Maxx will be the theme tune for one of the most historically binding nights of Leeds Met Freshers fortnight, with party games to get the crowd going, and even more give aways, Leeds Met are really pulling out all the tricks from their hat this year to ensure that their students fully realise exactly why they chose Leeds Metropolitan University. Taking place on 24th September, what better way to celebrate the best day of the week, Saturday, than to head over to the the Stage and Met bar to see Trapeze acts, stilt walkers and angle grinding dancers to name but a few.

Hey Scenesters!

Sharing the same name as the popular Cribs song, which of whom come from nearby Wakefield, it is no wonder Leeds wants to show off their roots with the maternal pride of a supportive mother, as this is how they treat each and every one of its students. Another event to prove such appreciation to us students is the Hey Scenesters! night at The Met Bar on Monday 26th September. Echoing the recurring theme of my articles, Leeds has a deep and pure love for new up and coming bands, and Hey Scenesters! is a chance for students to get to know the latest new bands in which Leeds Met has hand picked for the sole purpose of getting those excitable ears buzzing, with the now massively popular Two Door Cinema club having played for a previous year at this annual event it just exemplifies what good taste Leeds Met has, so do not miss out on your chance to catch the next big acts live, because the next time you want to see them they may be headlining at the festivals at triple the price! This year it is Cloud Boat, Born Blonde, and Hey Sholay’s turn to imress you, with a special headliner to be confirmed!

Headphone Disco

The following night at The Stage is a chance to catch Leeds Met’s playful side, the theme of Headphone discos has become a popular trend at events all over, such as T in the Park etc. This is also a chance to go out on a club night with people whom you may not share the same music taste with, but still dance along like you do. You have the opportunity to flick through whichever songs suit you, and dance along without a care in the world to what the person next to you thinks of the song. Two seperate Dj’s, two seperate FM channels, and spectacular visual effects to match, this calls for an interesting night. It may sound geeky, but do not miss out on your chance to experience the ultimate alternative night out.

All events have seperate entrance fees, however with a purchase of the Freshers wristband, you get free entrance to most of these events without any bother of fiddling around for cash that is hidden at the bottom of your pocket. Purchase your Freshers wristband here and get the ultimate Freshers Fortnight treatment. Or alternatively, tickets for the seperate events are available here.

Oh, and for all fellow music enthusiasts, if you are wondering out of intrigue which Joy Division song I decided on to get me to sleep, Shadowplay it had to be. Its fair to say that I had a very good nights sleep after all that excitement and the lullabies of Ian Curtis and the growls of the guitars just topped it off with a cherry.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University

Bristol’s nightlife… by genre

Coming to a new city as a fresher, it can be easy to get sucked into a never-ending series of cheese nights… and hey, if the Spice Girls and Westlife are your thing, that’s ok. But if you’ve got a love for another, less mainstream kind of music, don’t give up!Bristol has plenty to offer: you just need to know where to look. Read on for an overview of the nightlife in your new city, conveniently arranged by genre…

Pop Confessional


What with being a student city and all, pop and cheese are two genres you’re definitely not going to be short on. Pretty much every major club has at a student night where they play chart music or golden oldies, along with all the associated drinks deals. These nights are so widespread that you really don’t need help finding them, but a few of the most popular are Pop Confessional (the Thekla), Phat Friday (Panache) and Hanky Panky (Syndicate).





There are several good, regular Indie nights on, including the incredibly popular Propaganda (at Syndicate), which unites young locals and students every Wednesday. Similar and similarly successful regulars include Ramshackle (o2 Academy) and Pressure (the Thekla). If live bands are more your bag, you’re in luck: there’s heaps going on Indie-wise almost every night in various venues. Check out Headfirst Bristol for what’s coming up in the next few weeks.


In all honesty, Bristol is surprisingly quiet on the hip-hop front. There aren’t any particularly hip-hop focused clubs and the city is seriously lacking in dedicated nights. With the introduction of the new In:Motion nights at Motion, however, there are some reasonably well-known artists coming to Bristol soon: check out their website for line-ups and prices.

Motion Nightclub

Drum and Bass and Jungle

Fed rather than diminished by the rise of dubstep, drum and bass is still hugely popular in Bristol. There aren’t many solely “drum and bass” nights, though – instead most clubs seem to mix it up with similar genres (such as breaks, dubstep and jungle) a couple of nights a week. Having said that, Native hosts Run every Tuesday (discounts for NUS holders) and Hospitality – the nationwide drum and bass night – comes to Bristol every month for a huge blowout: see here for up-to-date listings.

Jungle is harder to find on a weekly basis, instead offered closer to monthly (if that) at various clubs by certain specialist promoters. Champion Sound (Lakota) and Jungle Syndicate are well-established in the city, and often host big names such as Congo Natty, Top Cat, Aphrodite and Nicky Blackmarket.

Champion Sound at Lakota
The Croft


Dubstep is everywhere in Bristol, which can make it hard to separate the very good from the truly awful. The Croft, Thekla, Dojo’s and Basement 45 (amongst others) run semi-regular dubstep nights including the hugely popular Dubloaded, and bigger clubs Motion and Lakota host the biggest names in the genre (especially those from Bristol such as Pinch, Joker and Peverelist), though on a less regular basis.


House and techno

Bristol isn’t particularly known for its house or techno scene, but things have taken off a bit recently. Fruity Antics is a long-standing favourite amongst locals, with Timbuk2 and Dojo’s also hosting the occasional dedicated night. Once again, the new In:Motion nights are the place to look: if you’re not sure where to begin check out the Futureboogie one with Bristol-born Julio Bashmore in November.


Written by Lucy, Bristol.