Food, Glorious Food

For your average student, Christmas means a chance to eat as much food as you can, from the hands of those family members who have tirelessly sweated in front of an oven all day. A chance to get some much needed sleep and comfort in the warm houses of their loved ones. And an opportunity to soak up all the tender loving care offered to them while opening the mobile phone you have asked for, because your overdraft disagreed with purchasing it yourself a couple of months ago , after you smashed it following too many pints.

But when the season to be jolly ends, you cant help resisting the urge to relent to those January blues. The cold weather is still biting at your ankles, you remember the thousand looming deadlines and exams you ‘accidentally’ forgot over Christmas, and you don’t want to go back to the student house with no heating or insulation.

goodbye central heating, hello jumpers and thick quilts

However, we are in a new year, it is 2012! And a new year brings new opportunities, I always get excited at the thought of a new year, there are so many possibilities waiting in the pipeline, so why not take advantage of the fresh year, and do something different? As a student, I have not been very experimental when it comes to eating out, opting to order a cheeky take away if I fancied something different, rather than eating out somewhere nice. I figured that, seeing as it is a new year, I should spice my food life up. Here are a few of the resturaunt’s I have visited in my hunt for great food and service in Leeds.


A warm family friendly resturaunt, Harvester provides both a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your company, and food, and a sophisticated feeling, even if you do not want to spend much.   While you wait for your table to be prepared, the bar provides many thirst quenching beverages, with an atmosphere that enables you to pretend you are a rich aristocrat, and prices that do not damage your wallet. The ‘help yourself’ salad bar is open as soon as you receive your table with many tasty treats, such as crutons, endless salad toppings bread rolls for you to indulge in, while your stomach rumbles in anticipation for the delicious meals in store for you to choose from. Whether you fancy a full rack of ribs, or just a nice curry, Harvester resuscitates your taste buds back to life. ear not hard workers, if you are too run down by work and deadlines to leave the house for too long, Harvester provides a take away service for you to enjoy. Open 11am to 11pm, visit here to order your takeaway now, to see for yourself why I enjoyed this place so much, and why not visit the salad bar while you wait for your take away? I guess it would be rude not too.


One of my all time favourite destinations at the minute, this place is not just a restaurant, it is also a cocktail bar, and a music lounge too! Each level of Trio is a separate environment ready for you to explore!  Walk through the entrance doors and take advantage of everything Trio has to offer. Feel entirely a hundred dollars being served a tasty sex on the beach, then fill your stomach with the richest and tastiest offerings of the restaurant menu, before moving to Skippy’s lounge in the basement for a candle lit boogie! This place is famous for its portrayal of the gay bar in Emmerdale in which Aaron had his first gay kiss, visit here and you might witness them filming scenes! I did! The warm tones and comfortable leather seating, complimented by the flirty flutter of candles thoughtfully scattered around ensure that not only is this a fantastic place to bring your friends for a nice catch up and a cheeky cocktail, but a wonderful scene for a romantic date. Trio offers prices that are affordable for students and yet provide a service that is fit for the queen.


Red Hot World Buffet

Ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and envied those greedy little mouths? Me too, so you can imagine my excitement when I walked in to Red Hot World Buffet and saw the desert section! Set out like an airport terminal to represent the amount of different world foods available here, you really feel like you are in another world! There is even an airplane to walk through! Choices of food include; Indian, Italian, Mexican, Louisiana Grill, Chinese, and many more to delve your teeth in to! You can stay here for hours tasting just one of the world continents food options, there is so many. Red Hot World Buffet is a fantastic destination for anyone, even the pickiest of eaters, and with desert choices enough to feed the 5000, it is no wonder I could not move for the rest of the night after visiting here. Friendly warning though- Do not feed your eyes before your stomach! A lesson I am yet to learn at this heaven of a place. For lunch Monday to Sunday, Red Hot is open 12am-4pm at the price of £8.49, and half price for children under 10. For Dinner, visit at 5pm-10.30pm (11.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays) at the price of  £12.99 (£14.99 Friday’s and Saturday’s).

Willy Wonka would be proud!


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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