Leeds Varsity Match 2011!

‘Are you Leeds or Leeds Met?’ A common question within students in Leeds. You see, there is an underlying tension between Leeds Uni and Leeds Met students, this arises especially at the beginning of the academic year when the two University rugby teams compete against each other in a very exciting, and tense game. In a chance to prove themselves better than the other University, on Wednesday the 5th of October, both teams give as good as they get, making it the place to be for all students in Leeds. And with an after party as hard as the match, you can celebrate the results of the match regardless whether you are supporting the winning team or not.

This fantastically tense event is held at the one and only Leeds Carnegie Stadium in Headingley, a beautiful Rugby venue, and home to Leeds Rhinos, and Leeds Metropolitan University. The crowds are always heaving so it is best to get your tickets, and arrive at the venue early to avoid bagging a disappointing seat where you cannot see over the tall guys head in front of you, and the beer spilt from the energetic crowd giving you a shower of stickiness. Tickets are £10 but you get your moneys worth with being part of a historic event casting the foundations for the rest of the year, and then partying with fellow supporters and team members at a much talked about after party.

Even if you do not know the first thing about Rugby, come and support your University team, and take a sip of the highly intoxicating atmosphere of the competitive buzz he teams send through the crowd like tsunami waves. Always an eventful match, last year had a minimum of four streakers to break the tension and send ripples of laughter through the air, and watching a naked hero being frantically chased after by four or five serious looking guards as they dart through the match, with players trying hard not to notice and break their concentration, it is a sight not to miss out on.



With tensions rife, and both teams working tirelessly in preparation for one of the biggest matches of the year, make sure you are there to witness the course of the match, and be part of history. It is hard not to get caught up in the hype of this match, whether you are supporting your friend, housemate, or just your University team, don’t miss out on cheering at a very important match, taken very seriously by all involved. If you are still not persuaded, there are cheerleaders to entertain you, and the Rugby players to catch your eye. The tickets purchased here not only give you entry to the match, but also to the after party, ensuring you are guaranteed a full course meal of  the Varsity match experience. You can purchase tickets on the gate, however this only gives you entry to the match, and only half of the experience. So get purchasing your tickets online now, because I guarantee they will not be going for long, every year these tickets fly off the shelves, as people fight their way to one of the biggest events of the University year.


Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.



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