What to expect for a Leeds Met Fresher

As it gets closer to Freshers week, or Re-Freshers week, the atmosphere surrounding any University is one of apprehensive suspense. For a Fresher, coming to University is one of the most terrifying, yet exciting experiences, therefore one cannot receive too much advice and information on what to expect.

Says it all really.

Firstly, always remind yourself that the majority of your fellow Freshers are in the same vulnerable ratio as yourself, and therefore why shouldn’t you be a little nervous? If you remember this, then you will find it so much easier to start a conversation with them, its just as effective as the ‘imagine the audience naked’ technique! It can be frighteningly overwhelming upon first enrolling at University, you find yourself panicking in those few weeks leading up to moving to University, and checking the post twice a day in impatient suspense for your welcome pack, but don’t worry if you still haven’t received it a week before packing up and moving, I got mine three days before I set off to University, and almost fainted in relief when I saw that beautiful purple and white envelope.The amount of paperwork they send you is borderline ridiculous, just looking at the pile almost makes me shed a tear at the thought of how many trees they had to cut down just to give you a paragraph on each separate piece of paper. Make sure you keep all these piles of papers safe however, you never know when you might need them, if just for a reference.

A bit of an overstatement of the amount of paper Uni sends.

Your Induction day is simply the staff and current students at Leeds Metropolitan University welcoming you to our family, you are provided with all the important information such as; Timetables, reading lists for your course, and your very important Carnegie Card which you will need for your library sessions, and also to gain entry to some parts of the University. You will have previously set up the information for this card online, after following the information in your welcome pack, if you haven’t already, click here set up your Campus Card now to avoid delay upon arriving at University.

An example of a Leeds Met Carnegie card

If you are feeling overwhelmingly nervous there is always someone waiting and willing to help, there is even a Buddy event in Freshers week in the Rose Bowl building of the City Campus, with free food and lots of friendly faces to talk to and ask questions it is a great reassurance for particularly nervous Freshers. To find out more about the Buddy event visit here. Family and Friends weekend is a brilliant opportunity for you to dip your toes into shallow Leeds Metropolitan waters with family and friends before starting your swim in the deep waters. There are lots of fantastic activities on such as the Leeds Met climbing wall, The Marvellous Tea Dance Company, the partnership tent, and street performers. This is also a chance for your close ones to get a feel of the place in which they are surrendering their loved one to, helping them to feel more confidant that you will enjoy yourself, and be well looked after by everyone.

The Well Fair event is an opportunity for you to register at important health facilities in Leeds, for example; Doctors, Dentists, and Opticians. Leeds Metropolitan University cares about their students health, and encourages each Fresher to make sure they have such important facilities on hand.

Then Freshers Festival begins. A personal favorite; this event is a chance to take advantage of local businesses and shops, there are so many deals, and freebies you will be blessed with, you will think you have been granted as royalty. Last years Freshers Festival even had a double-decker bus, with students being provided with free drinks and makeovers, it really is lots of fun, and not one to be missed. These events are also a chance for new students to meet people in the same position, and make many new friends. So don’t resist and take advantage of everything on offer to you, and enjoy yourself before the hard work begins!

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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