Movember November

November. The start of those dull foggy mornings that are another perfect excuse to roll over and return into that deep sleep, rather than zombie stride yourself to the soul destroying lecture at 9am. The leaves are floating to the ground and your noses start tickling with the threat of a cold, but however dull and drab your mood has become with the overwhelming overload of work deadlines, those adverts are finally reminding you that holidays are coming! Soon you will be enjoying christmas time with your loved ones, and forgetting all your troubles while you sing along with the cringeworthy carols. Okay, some of us do that, or, I know I do.

But for some, November can also represent something entirely different, and this masterpiece is…..MOVEMBER! 

You must have noticed, or wondered why there are so many young men sporting the mustache look this month, and the reason behind it is as warm as the man sporting the moustache’s top lip would be. The aim is to raise awareness and cash to fund help and services for men’s health, particularly that of prostate cancer and other cancers specific to men. Yes ladies, at first it might seam a little sexist but if you think about methods such as the cervical cancer jab, and breast cancer you will realise that men’s health is slightly disregarded, for example, did you know that men could suffer from breast cancer too?

I know it is nearing to the end of November, or shall I say November, but there is still time to get involved and do your bit.  Though most people who get involved with Movember sign up on the 1st of November, and have the rest of the month to raise money with their generous sponsors and grow their beautiful masterpieces, you can still participate. For ladies, why don’t you sacrifice your boyfriends/friends lovely smooth baby face for a good cause, and for the guys, well, what better excuse not to shave! Or, if you do not fancy growing some whiskers, why not donate a few pennies you have spare? You know you will only spend it on junk food or booze anyway.

If you participate in this charity marathon month you gain a new and wonderful status within society, for men, you will be regarded as a Mo bro, and ladies you will be Mo sista’s, brilliant isnt it? To get yourself in on the action follow this link, and do your good deed in time for a well deserved Christmas break.

After you have signed up for Movember, you have the chance to win many fantastic competitions, for example; awards are given for the best Mo Space pages which show off your lovely Moustache to the world, there are free delicious Byron burgers available for those who raise over £25, chance to win a £50 draw for those who raise over £50, and the chance to win £100 for those who raise over £100, as well as many more exciting opportunities! The winners of whom will all be announced on the 9th of December, so it gives you chance to do your Christmas shopping with the winning money! Most importantly, is the chance to be part of the international Moscars, a video which showcases the best Mo bro’s out there!

But most of all, you can start December with a humble pride, knowing you have been able to be lazy and not shave for a month, or few days, dependent on when you join, and with a good excuse; that you are raising money, and awareness for your fellow mankind.

Written by Charlotte Owen, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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