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Nights Out for the Laid Back: A weekly Newcastle guide

This article will be of interest to you if you find that, although you are in one of the biggest party cities in the country, and you are still trying to find out why people can go out without wearing coats in the middle of winter, bright lights give you a headache and you think ‘mushroom’ is a stupid name for a club. Do you find yourself not knowing where to go every day of the week?

But fear not! Newcastle has plenty to offer you, there are clubs with a more laid back atmosphere. The two universities in a small-ish town guarantee that there is a vibrant musician atmosphere, with plenty putting on open-mic nights and random gigs.

Monday: Ice Skating!

The Centre for Life in the middle of town opens an outdoor ice skating ring in the winter. For a nominal fee, you can make a fool out of yourself in front of the people you want to impress the most.

Tuesday: Open Mic Night at the Trent

Exactly what it says on the tin: the open mic night at the trent runs every Tuesday and is usually packed with professional and amateur musicians. It’s a lovely atmosphere, and if you had gone there before and been scared by all the creepy doll pictures, you don’t have to worry anymore: they have replaced it with art you can (and would like to!) buy. The Trent is right next to Newcastle uni, so you won’t even have to walk that far. Awesome.

Wednesday: Eat at Eye on the Tyne

What? You need to eat, right? Although Eye on the Tyne isn’t super cheap, if you have a taste for good food you can probably enjoy the rustic platters which have amazing ham and bread. You haven’t lived until you have tried their stuff olives. Don’t like olives? You will. 

Thursday: Jazz Cafe

Yeah, go to the jazz cafe. Jazz is still cool, right? Smack in the middle of town, the Jazz cafe is an affordable pub with different entry fees. Call ahead and ask if you remember. It’s a cozy, intimidate atmosphere, with loads of beautiful calligraphy everywhere and a man with a great big white beard. Don’t worry, I hear he is good at jazz.

Weekend: Before you go to your normal clubs or whatever it is you people do on the weekends, consider going ghost hunting. Newcastle is a really, really old city, full of tortuous history which, if there are ghosts, is very conductive to them. There are a couple of companies around the area that do ghost hunting tours, but the best thing to do is sleep over at a haunted place. One of them even lets you stay over at the Castle Keep, and that place is dark as anything. Enjoy getting your soul taken in your sleep for under £20 per person!


Newcastle for Nerds

Have your friends always teased you because you prefer to sip on white wine, wear tweed sweaters and are often partial to watching QI. Does this sound more appealing than going out to a club where everyone’s going to be all sweaty and touching each other?

Are you the type of person that would save your books over your fashionable shoes if there was a house fire? Oh, you have no fashionable shoes? Then this is the perfect post for you. Consider this a nerdy guide to Newcastle, where you can do nerdy things for fun – like play board games and talk about science. Here’s a helpful list with some attractions:

  • Adult only events are put on by the Centre for Life almost all year long. There is one which explores the science of fire  and an event called ‘What’s your poison?’. You get 5 cocktails when you buy the tickets for the latter one. You know, for science. Keep checking the website for more events, as they are constantly changing!
  • The Cumberland Arms, located in Byker near-ish to the Cloony has board games available to play while you have a drinkie. They also put acoustic nights on, and story telling nights, too. Again, it’s always changing, so go check out their website here.
  • Tyneside Cinema: If you are a more artsy nerdy type and into foreign, artsy and cult films, this is the place for you. They are an excellent student-y cinema, as well, since they occassionally put on free movie night. So you can just pop in! They also have slam-poetry session and other artsy stuff. And a coffee shop that doesn’t close until eleven o’clock at night. Best in Newcastle.
  • The Sage Gateshead: Although not technically in Newcastle, this slug like building has many offers for the more musically inclined nerd. If you are into Classical music then you are very much in luck! The Sage has several shows a day. But it’s not just that, it’s also the heart of folk music in the Northeast. Oh, and I guess if you are an architectural type, then you wouldn’t want to miss the building either.
  • The Lit and Phil society: Are you a book nerd? Do people look at you weird because you get a dreamy look in your eyes while you sniff a yellowed page deep? The Lit and Phil society is the place of your dreams. Lined with old books everywhere and old staircases, this is a totally fascinated place in which I – cough – I mean you – could spend all your time
Now these are not the only events and places like this in Newcastle. If you know of any please do share in the comments.
Posted by Lina, Newcastle Uni