Top 5 Fresher’s Week Myths: TRUE OR FALSE

There are so many myths floating around telling students what Fresher’s Week will be like that it’s about time some of them were cleared up….

1)      Everyone will be single and sleeping around: FALSE

Going into Fresher’s Week one of my biggest concerns was that I had a boyfriend; I was sure no-one else would and I would be left alone on nights out whilst they all went off with guys they had found. The reality could not have been more different. Out of 10 people on my corridor all 10 of us had boyfriends or girlfriends. Those I met who were single were not out meeting new guys every night but much more interested in making friends and having a laugh. That’s not to say no-one does it, I’m sure many people do, in fact one girl in my halls was known for the year as “4 guys 5 nights” as a result of her Fresher’s Weeks antics. However, that’s not the sort of nickname most people want for three years of university. If you do have a boyfriend/ girlfriend Fresher’s Week is fine, there are many others like you, and if you don’t it’s not a big deal either.

2)      I have to be completely wasted every night: FALSE

A lot of people don’t feel very comfortable getting really drunk around people they have only just met, don’t want to make the wrong impression or are worried about who will look after them if something goes wrong. Some people will go out wasted every night of Fresher’s Week but the hectic routine of eat, get ready, go out insanely early to queue make it difficult to drink a lot before going out anyway.

3)      The people I meet on the first day will be my best friends for life: FALSE

Although you may be lucky and immediately click with the first people you meet in Fresher’s Week, remaining friends for life, this is probably not going to be the case. Someone may be your new BFF on the first night but don’t limit yourself and assume it will last, by the second week of uni you may never speak again.

4)      Fresher’s week will decide my friends/ uni experience for the whole year: FALSE

Go out and meet as many people as you can. Fresher’s Week is an amazing opportunity to meet loads of new people and probably the only time in your uni life when you can blab on about who you are, where you’re from and what you’re studying to complete strangers without seeming like a complete weirdo. Even if you don’t enjoy Fresher’s week, or don’t get on with the people you’ve met, you have a whole year to change that experience. My Fresher’s experience was defined much more by the year that followed than Fresher’s Week itself.

5)      Fresher’s week will be truly unforgettable: TRUE

Whether you love Fresher’s Week or hate it, you’re sure to remember it, for life. Or the next few years at least. Even if you don’t have an amazing week it can be seen as a learning curve in University life. It’s a great opportunity to meet tonnes of new people, try something new and party as much as you can before the essays begin.


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