Tashing on – Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore, the newest reality show to bound on to our screens hot on the heels of The only way is essex and Made in Chelsea. Much louder and prouder than the latter, with tans, hair, egos and antics wilder than most reality shows.


Set in Newcastle the show aims to provide a glimpse into the wild antics of eight young Geordies as they live together and live it up in the toon night after night. A good way of showing students of what to expect before coming to university in Newcastle? Think again , most of what’s shown is a slight minority of what goes on in Newcastle, not all Geordies are as ridiculous as this! One tip don’t show it to your parents if your planning on going to Newcastle , they’ll probably send you to a convent instead out fear of being corned by one of these self confessed ‘pulling machines’.

Geordie Shore was slammed by Newcastle natives for its lewd and embarrassing content when it aired for the first time even resulting in the set up of a facebook group ‘RIP Geordie Pride’. Saturday night is your night for spotting Geordie shore alikes, not that there are thousands, not all people in Newcastle go out looking like a burnt orange.

you've been tangoed

The antics are alike to those that would go on in a university house or halls, minus the constant supply of free alcohol and perhaps a less steady stream of one night stands. Dont take the Geordie shore cast as sterotypical Geordies, some of their quotes are classic though!

” When it comes to lasses, I do more groundwork than Alan Titchmarsh ”

” My spare tyre means the lads just have a cushion for the pushing ”

” am not gunna have some bird the size of a ford focus push me around ”

My words of wisdom would be take Geordie Shore with a pinch of salt. Its typical car crash television and dont let it put you off coming to university in Newcastle!



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