Exeter University- The Basics

Exeter University is where I have spent the last 2 years of my life and I absolutely love it. I have to say it is one of the few universities where everyone comes away saying what a truly amazing time they had here; in fact I’ve never really heard anyone say they don’t like it. Exeter may not be as large as most other university cities, its nightlife might have little to offer and well let’s not get started on the locals but the community and fun on offer all over the University and city make up for it.


When I told my parents that I’d chosen to go to Exeter University my mum’s first comment was “I’m so glad, it’s such a safe city!” Not exactly what your average fun loving, party animal 18 year old wants to hear. However, I have to say now, probably one of my favourite things about Exeter is how safe it is as a city. When you go out you know you’re safe, everyone in the clubs are also students and the student housing area is all in one place, meaning on nights out everyone’s going back to the same area. When living in halls on campus there are security officers who patrol campus all night checking that nothing untoward is happening…. although this is less useful when you get fined for drunkenly stealing traffic cones.


So, Campus. Initially I was completely against going to a campus university, I thought it would be claustrophobic but being on such a great campus really makes the university. Many people might have been put off going to Exeter by the extensive building works which have been going on over the past 2 years. Believe me; I’d have thought twice if I’d have known that there would be intense drilling every time you sit in the Library… However, as September arrives much of the building work will be completed and Exeter should be restored to the beautiful campus that it was, with some seriously swanky new buildings added on! I lived in Halls on Streatham Campus in my first year and it was so much fun, rolling out of bed 2 minutes before lectures started, a stone’s throw from the Library (not that I ever went but still) and just a few minutes away from Saturday Lemmy (the student nightclub on campus).


A lot of people complain about the nightlife in Exeter (myself included) but although the music is standard cheese and the clubs are a bit grotty there are no pretensions that it’s anything else and it’s more than possible to have brilliant nights out. If you do want something a bit different it’s very easy to go out and find it, The Cavern, for example, has various bands and Indie nights if your tastes are more Alternative. The Firehouse is always a great place to go too. Reportedly the pub which JK Rowling (ex Exeter student) based the Leaky Cauldron on in the Harry Potter books, you can definitely see why. It is lit by candles and has huge wood benches; brilliant on a Friday night and their pizzas are AMAZING.


All in all, we moan about the nightclubs and the “rahs” and millions of other things but frankly, I for one wouldn’t have Exeter any other way and it’s a fantastic city to be a student.


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