My 20 top sights of Newcastle/University

My 20 top sights of Newcastle/University

(In no particular order)

  1. Mackams vs Geordies street riot – must see viewing (stand well back)
  2. One or more members of the ‘Geordie Shore’ cast lapping up the attention on a night out – a common sight in clubs across Newcastle
  3. The mid-morning line of taxis waiting for individuals taking ‘the ride of shame’ leaving various student halls across the city – those on a budget prefer ‘the walk of shame’ something I would not recommend
  4. The queue of students in banks across Newcastle begging for their overdrafts to be increased – usually busiest the week after freshers
  5. The sight of a 24hour Greggs on a drunken walk home – magical
  6. Students (usually hungover) struggling to run to a lecture late in the snow – you are guaranteed at least one fall during the winter
  7. The average sleeping student in a lecture – always definatly more fascinating than the lecture itself
  8. People lost in the metro centre – not hard to do as its bigger than your middling townPrepare to be confused
  9. The sight of your face the next morning after a heavy night in Newcastle – not pretty
  10. Random objects on the streets outside halls of residences – oranges, shoes, clothes… the list goes on
  11. Your parents arriving on a trip up to visit you armed with bags of food – usually after a good week of living off supernoodles
  12. The email from university to say your deadline has been extended – perfect timing
  13. The great fire of Byker – 19/05/11
  14. The amount of students in Primark the day of carnage – usually looking for a quick fix fancy and leaving disappointed
  15. The angel of the north when your arriving back for another term at Northumbria – welcome homeWelcoming sight
  16. The email confirming you have past first year – meaning so many more memories can be had in the second
  17. Your bank balance when your loan comes through each term – and then watching it slowly diminish the days following
  18. 4od, bbc iplayer or itv player – One thing that university gives you is sleepless nights
  19. Alcohol – clear, fizzy, cheap surprisingly you wont be sick of the sight of it by the end of the yearDrink, drink, drink, drunk
  20. The endless amount of leaflets, freebies, posters you will have collected by the end of the year – honestly you will fill bag after bag with this tat

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