An Inbetweener!- Alex from Huddersfield

When I first heard the word ‘Huddersfield’ I didn’t know what to expect. I was just finishing college and I had been advised to go to an open day there by my personal tutor; Jim- ‘its one of the best around, you wont regret it I promise.)

When I arrived on the University campus I thought Jim must have had shares in the place, as it was nowhere near as glamorous as neighbouring Universities such as Leeds or Manchester (my first two choices.) Begrudgingly I put down Huddersfield as my third choice, even if it just meant humouring Jim.

To everyone’s surprise; least of all my own, I didn’t make it into my first two choices on the course I had applied for (English Language.) Alas, to Jim’s delight, I had been accepted into Huddersfield (the dividend cheque is in the post Jim.) So I put my name down on the accommodation at Storthes Hall and trudged off to welcome weekend, deciding to put my scepticism on hold, and boy am I glad that I did!

Prior to University I had found myself, like all other collegians, attending the odd obligatory house party and wondering what the big fuss surrounding further education was all about. Then it hit me, as soon as my parents car disappeared around the corner, as I looked around at the other eager faces of my peers, we were all in this together. There was only one thing left to do, get pissed!

I made more friends that weekend then I had in my entire life before then. Huddersfield is situated inbetween Manchester and Leeds, therefore the North is our oyster! If we’re not downing the cocktails in the many swanky bars of Deansgate Locks in Manchester, we are traipsing down Call Lane in Leeds. The fact that the nightlife in Huddersfield is not as lively as Leeds or Manchester just makes it a safe haven to return to after a hefty weekend. A place where you can find peace and tranquility in which to spend some hard earned studious time!

I think many people might be put off from going to a place like Huddersfield, as I was when the idea was first proposed, yet you must understand that there are many places you can go for a night out on a budget, and they are all just a short train ride away.

I will go into more depth in my future blogs about the nightlife in Huddersfield (or lack thereof,) but for now, on a particularly dry Friday night, Headingley calls. Chin Chin.


Oh and by the way, Jim was right, I don’t regret going to Huddersfield for a minute!


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