Leeds Market – A Students Paradise

There is nothing so utterly addictive for a student than rotting away in the middle of a river of mud, with live music pulsating through a crowd of fashionably scruffy looking strangers. That rush of energy in the undertone of agreed amazement is a feeling that no student should miss out on, neither is the chance to get covered in grass, half naked, while the headlining act are serenading the millions with their beautiful melodies.

The temptation is oh so much bigger with living in Leeds, every student has but one subject on their mind as the term ends, Leeds Festival. With, in my opinion, an ever amazing line up of acts preparing to surrender themselves to students, it is no wonder that tickets are valued highly in Leeds, and the subject of such festival is on everyone’s lips. Leeds Festival Website

Music festivals are the student’s equivalent of a middle aged man at the brink of a breakdown, purchasing the latest sports car, then parading it around his mates like it is the second coming, it has to be done at some point. Thus follows a holiday to an exotic destination with a handful of your craziest friends, to laze around the pool making eyes at the bathers on the other side, while sipping the straws of an alcoholic beverage. No student life is complete without one fulfilling these experiences, to the full extent. Many years later you will look back, and, with great pride, tell your grandchildren about how their grandparent got up on stage in a cross dressing Spanish bar, and licked sugar from the soggy arm of the host of questionable gender.

But how do students afford these great experiences? In my breed of students, it is as likely as Amy Winehouse wanting to go to rehab, than your parents offering to pay for such purchases. No doubt every student has, more than once, had to listen to those ear ringing lectures on how you appear to be out of pocket all year, ringing your parents up for pity money every week, and yet have somehow scraped enough change together to afford a music festival and/or a holiday. Unfortunately, not many parents find it plausible that you found £500 underneath the couch, next to the TV remote, and mouldy crumbs.

My source of wisdom for fellow students? Shop at the market. The market has everything you want, at a more student friendly price. Who can get better than the enticing student deals on the butchers row of Leeds market? With a note of five, you are provided with the basic necessities of a students weekly meal; with minced beef, sausages, pork chops, steak, and chicken to name but a few.

In the market, you can get fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat, for under a tenner, with an added bonus of particular high street products being much cheaper than normally expected on random stalls.

I always enter Leeds market with the naive illusion that I am walking into the future of student lifestyle, and to be honest, I have yet to be convinced otherwise. Since my first visit to Leeds market, I have recognised more of my friends, and course mates, rejecting their initial snobbery, and falling in love with the cheap deals in which the place offers.

Not only are the prices student friendly, but there is a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in the market, very much parallel to the ashamed feeling I am provided with as I innocently enter a more highly esteemed and upmarket store. Every time I exit one of such stores, I am left with the unwelcoming guilt of trespassing somewhere I thought I had the right to shop.

Although, upon first arrival, one may have a slight snobbery towards the market place, and a haunting smell that parades around your nostrils is screaming for you to turn around, you are only provided with good food, for great prices, by friendly faces. I have established many basic friendships with the butchers of Leeds market, who are friendly, bubbly chaps always in want of a new friend to pass away a couple of minutes a day, indulging themselves in their customers life, and asking about that festival, or holiday they are saving up for.

So not only should a student take full advantage of the opportunities in which is placed upon holidays, and music festivals, and basically gathering crazy experiences they can reminisce about in their old age, but I believe they should do so with the help of the market. The market not only saves a student more money to spend on that holiday in Kavos, or the tent for T in the park, but welcomes you with open arms regardless of which stereotype you fit in to, if any. Therefore, add ‘Go to the Market’ to your list of things to do as a student, you will not be disappointed.

Written by Charlotte, Leeds Met


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